Why Cats are Better than Dogs

So its official, I am a crazy cat lady. I am not even so sure when it happened. All I know is that last night I was watching “Total Divas” (don’t judge!) and Natalya was volunteering for a cat rescue by temporarily housing 15 cats in her house. In my mind I thought that would be kind of fun and that was when I knew.

It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I love dogs. Not all dogs…but the cute furry kind. Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Huskies are some faves. The furrier the better! One day, when I have a huge lawn I will get a big dog, and it will be the biggest and furriest dog in the world!

My Future Dog

White Tibetan Mastiff Pictures - Looking Like Lion


I’ve had a total of four dogs and I am an auntie to a one so that makes 5! When I was growing up I had a beloved dog named Puffy. She was an adorable little Lhasa Apso and I remember the day my mom brought her home from Chinese school in a little brown box. I loved Puffy to death but it kind of sucked because my parents made Puffy an outside dog so  that made our relationship a bit more distance. Just a year in Puffy caught parvovirus and I was devastated. I couldnt possibly live without my little Puffy! I made sure we forcefed her vital medication everyday and even though the odds were against her, she lived!

Puffy and I had many good years after that but in high school I jumped from a straight A, honors student into a bad rebellious mouthy kid. Puffy died my senior year in high school. She was breathing hard and not moving and we all knew it was her time. Luckily when she died, the whole family was with her, petting her in the end. She’s still buried in the backyard of my childhood home along with all my childhood memories.

At my first year in college at UCSD, I was 17 years old, living away from home and FREEEEEEEE! That first week on campus I applied for a credit card and immediately went and purchase a pair of Prada shoes and a Fluffy white Lhasa Poo whom I named Coco. I had Coco in my dorm room a couple of months but it was not a well hidden fact and I was told by authorities that Coco HAD TO GO! So Coco went off to live with my mom and my mom loved her so!

After college, I was shopping at the mall and fell absolutely in love with this little hyper crazy puff of dog I met in the pet shop. I instantly knew that she had to go home with me NOW! I brought her home and she was the little love of me and my boyfriend at the time’s life. She slept with me and followed me everywhere and was my bestie. I named her Gizmo. Later on I bought my boyfriend a little Shih Tzu runt that he promptly named Buck. Unfortunately for Buck, he fell madly in love with Gizmo but she hated that there was another dog in the house and she bullied him! When my ex and I broke up, we actually fought for ownership of Gizmo. I won! Eventually I had to move into an apartment that didn’t allow dogs so again my mom took in my little Gizmo.

Coco and Gizmo

20150804_105339 Two Dog Besties

By the way I am also an auntie and frequent babysitter of Mochi, my mom’s newest puppy


20150802_165543 (1)

So the point of all this tedious dog owning background is this. If anyone can make a statement about whether cats or dogs better, almost no one can speak on this topic better than I can. I am an EXPERT on owning both cats and dogs. I’ve had four dog pets and five cat pets. So many of the people out there who don’t like cats just never owned their own cat. They encountered someone else’s cat, or maybe they even lived with a family cat or their roommates cat. Cats tend to have one favorite person and if its not your very own cat, that favorite person is not going to be you. If you’ve never raised your very own kitten, you won’t have experienced the loving bond a cat has towards its owner.

My first cat pet happened on a whim. After a long night of partying, for some reason, my brother, my roommate and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to adopt a cat. We went to Petsmart and found a couple of adorable kittens who we brought home with us and I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY. We named the kittens Yizzo and Caine.

So even though I had owned dogs my entire life, the instant I adopted those little kittens I became a cat lady. Unfortunately they were indoor outdoor cats and each one day disappeared, but I was hooked. And then I met Kitty. Kitty was a rescue kitten and I fell in love with her the minute that I saw her. She was a little tiny black and white puff of fur that I could hold in the palm of my hand

Baby Kitty



Grown Up Kitty

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.16.20 PM


Try this analogy on for size. If there were two guys that were in love with me. One was desperately in love with me, would do absolutely anything for me, grovel, beg, his entire existence was just to worship me versus a second suitor. This second guy, he’s in love with me but he’s got his own life going on. He loves to show me affection but he is not my servant who comes at my beck in call. Of course I’d want the latter guy, not the desperate clingy other guy.

Kitty is the love of my life. She can be a bratty catty but she loves me a lot. I live with The Director and he works from home. While I’m at work, Kitty sleeps in the closet. The instant I get home, she pops out of the closet, bounds down the stairs and greets me at the door. She sleeps next to me in bed and follows me from room to room. When I’m sad, she’ll come snuggle on my chest until I feel better. And she is so soft! It’s like she’s a stuffed animal come to life. When I pick her up, she goes limp (I think she is part ragdoll) and she’s so soft to squeeze and hug. Now even though she is a very attentive cat, she has her own life! If I am busy working, she’ll go do her own thing, lay in the sun or whatever.

10 Reasons Cats are better than Dogs

1. Hello? They don’t need to be potty trained and just naturally know to go to the bathroom in the litter box. Amazing!

2. They have their own lives. They show plenty of affection and give you some space

3. They always smell good. I’ve only taken Kitty to be washed once. She is constantly washing and cleaning herself and she somehow always smells good! Dogs always kind of smell, and when you own a dog, your house smells like dog

4. They know how to monitor their food intake. Dogs will eat until they are sick. My Kitty stops eating when she is full

5. They little meows sound so sweet and cute. A dog’s bark is so bracing and disruptive

6. They can take care of themselves. If you leave them for a day or two, they won’t have shit everywhere and starved themselves since they ate all their food the very first day

7. Dogs can’t purr! Having a purring kitty next week to me when I’m sad instantly cheers me up

8. You dont have to take the cat out to walk two times a day!

9. Cats never eat their own poop. My cats won’t eat any people food at all even.

10. Cats don’t lick you! Cats and dogs all have smelly breath, I dont want to be licked by either one!

Some Reasons Dogs are better than Cats

1. No one is allergic to Dogs

2. Cats shed a lot (but then again dogs shed too!)

I recognize that maybe I love cats because I would make a horrible parent. Luckily I dont want kids so that helps out a lot!

Calm down angry dog people. As I said I DO like dogs too. I just like cats better.

Why Cats are Better than Dogs