Bitch I’m Madonna

I’m all for female empowerment and I admire the fact that Madonna is still going strong with her career at 56 years old and she looks great! I just wish that she would go about it in a more classy manner (wait am I gossiping here?) I definitely grew up as a fan of Madonna’s, owned The Immaculate collection, sang her songs at karaoke. I especially admired her “fuck you” rebellious attitude and her in your face sexuality. In my 20s, I definitely had the same attitude.

I think its getting old though. I loved being sexy and celebrating and showing off  my body in my 20s, but my 30s, my style has gotten decidedly more grown up. It’s not that you can’t be sexy after your 20s, but I dont believe that you should be dressing or acting slutty any longer. These days I’m often uncomfortable when I’m showing too much cleavage!

Madonna is so capable of being a classy pop star. Wasn’t Rain awesome? Madonna looks so elegant in this music video and Rain’s one of my favorite karaoke tracks! I  also loved Madonna’s Evita era, I wish that she continued and matured along that path instead  of regressing back to her cheesier pop roots in 2015.

Madonna Rain Cover


In the 90s, pop stars were far less sexed up. In 1992, when Madonna’s Erotica album was released, her songs shared the charts with Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey – only Janet Jackson was really showing much skin. Madonna liked paved the road for the pop stars in 2015. These days. no one bats an eye over  straight up naked music videos like Rihanna’s Bitch Better have my Money and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are bringing the raunch and one of the most famous women in 2015 was ushered to fame by a nasty sex tape -Kim Kardashian, these days, the former Queen of Pop can no longer use sex to shock audiences.

I found her “Bitch I’m Madonna” video to be a regression, like a desperate attempt for a celebrated and respected music icon to remain young, sexy and relevant. Madonna shouldn’t be doing a poor imitation of Miley Cyrus. She should be showing Miley Cyrus how its done. As the original diva she could bring something new and elevated to audiences. She’s done it before with Ray of Light and American Life.

Bitch I’m Madonna starts off with Madonna running through the halls like a drunken rebellious teenager mess, in the style of Miley Cyrus – falling and tripping and showing her underwear with terrible styling

Bitch I'm Madonna hallway screenshot

Her dancing during the Nicki Minaj solo, arghhhh!! Trying way too hard! Madonna should not be dancing hip hop. (Doesn’t Nicki look fabulous)

Bitch I'm Madonna bad dancing

Why are there so many damn kids in the video? Is it meant to make Madonna seem more “with it”?

Bitch I'm Madonna kids

Maybe I’m just jaded because I just left a stint working at a company that absolutely worshiped the Millennial culture and had great disdain for any talent that was over the age of 25. I think that manner of thinking is a terrible precedent to set and teach to our youth of today. What bothers me about this music video is that I wish that Madonna would celebrate her age, maturity and wisdom, instead of trying to imitate a bunch of kids. Wouldn’t it be better to live in a society that had great respect for their elders? I am a big fan of old school Madonna and I am hoping that she goes back to the bad-ass pop culture leader that she used to be instead of being a follower.

Check out the video here, would love to hear your thoughts!

bitch im madonna


Photo Credit:  INTERSCOPE