Okonomiyaki Mix – Try the World Japan

I was super skeptical when I received the Okonomiyaki Mix in my Try the World Japan box. How could an Okonomiyaki mix possible be good?! It just doesn’t seem like something that can be cooked super deliciously at home. I was wrong, I’m actually craving it now just writing about it, it was super yummy!

Okonomiyaki mix

Luckily there were instructions available in English!

Okonomiyaki Mix Instructions


Okonomiyaki Shredded Cabbage

Lots of cabbage….four cups in fact!

Okonomiyaki Shredded Cabbage

Nicely separated pre-packaged powders

Okonomiyaki Mix sweet potato



The Try the World instructions forgot to mention that a half cup of water is needed for the recipe. How would we have made our dough?!

Okonomiyaki Powder


It easily mixes into a nice little dough


Okonomiyaki Dough


Add two eggies and lettuce and there’s a little packet of crunchies that go on top


Okonomiyaki Mix 2


Mix it all up but make sure not to mix it too much or the dough will get way too sticky

Okonomiyaki Mix 3


Now make two patties and stick it all in the pan. My pans definitely too small but I made it work


Okonomiyaki Fry


Time to fry up that bacon. I took two pieces and cut them into three parts, but I would actually recommend adding one entire piece of bacon. I couldn’ve used a bit more on my pancake!


Okonomiyaki Bacon


After a little bit of frying, top with the bacon


Okonomiyaki Topped Bacon


Flip it, then cover and fry for 5 minutes. Flip once more and continue to fry without the cover for 2 minutes


Okonomiyaki Flipped


Top with the seaweed packet and either okonomiyaki sauce or Japanese Mayonnaise!


Okonomiyaki 2


I think that okonomiyaki sauce is too sweet for my taste so mine okonomiyaki really only needed Japanese Mayonnaise – which in my opinion tastes amazing on absolutely everything! This was great, the cabbage was perfectly cooked and the dough was crispy and creamy at the same time. I gobbled it up and would definitely make it again