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Violet Iodine Recap

Violet Iodine

Violet Iodine


Hey guys! I wanted to come back and give you a summary on my experiences with Violet Iodine! So it definitely worked for me. I definitely had breast soreness on my most recent period, nothing super extreme but sensitive enough that it was uncomfortable to wear a tight tanktop. After taking one pill the soreness was relieved the next day. (DISCLAIMER: My experience isn’t typical (maybe it was the placebo effect?) it can take up to 60 days to fully feel the benefits of Violet Iodine)

Btw can we stop and celebrate breasts for a minute? I love mine and it’s such a defining part of our femininity. I want to be totally transparent and share that I have breast implants and I experiences more breast/nipple soreness after I got my implants. Luckily Violet Iodine helped with that. Btw, I’m going to go off on a tangent and tell a little story about my implants. I got my implants while in college at the age of 19. My mom helped me choose my doctor and I wanted to go one size larger but she convinced me to go for a small C. I am SO glad that I followed her advice, I hate that oversized implant look! (Imagine the soreness that must come with super big implants?) Violet Iodine is a super easy addition to your wellness routine which will make a huge difference in your breast discomfort month to month. Its an easy, once daily pill, and also helps with breast aching, swelling and heaviness and promotes overall breast health.

I think it’s important that we all talk about this! I haven’t really read much about breast soreness during my period and now that there’s such an easy solution absolutely everyone should know about it. We girls have to deal with so much, periods, childbirth, painful beauty procedures….it’s so nice to be able to cross one uncomfortable issue off the list.

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