Chang-an brings delicious high end Chinese food to SGV

Had an epic meal at Chang’an! Thanks so much to Gogobot for making it all possible


The owners are super passionate about their restaurant vision and frustrated by more mainstream Chinese restaurants in the United States which are specifically catered to the American tastebuds and not at all authentic. Chang’an wants to show American eaters that authentic Chinese food is just as delicious as dishes like General Tso’s Chicken.

My favorite dish hands down was the fried soft tofu. It was fried with a seasoning similar to the popular Chinese salt and pepper shrimp dish, but I’ve never seen this seasoning used on soft tofu specifically. The delicate tofu was creamy and hot inside and burst in my mouth. So yummy!

Chang’an also excelled at skewers, they prepared the traditional lamb skewers and various cuts of meat perfectly. We also had an amazing pork belly dish, melt in your mouth and with a beautiful presentation, placed elegantly on top of fresh bok choy. Highlights of the meal also included the fried chicken and eggplant dishes. Can’t wait to go back!!

Hong Shao Rou
1 Chang-an Restaurant Hong Shao Rou

Lotus Root Appetizer

Chang'an Restaurant Lotus Root

Chang’an House Salad
Chang'an Restaurant Salad

Scallop Skewers
Chang'an Restaurant Scallop Skewers

We-Jiao Tofu
Chang'an Restaurant We- Jiao Tofu

Chang’an Meal Starters
Chang-an Restaurant Starters

Shou Si Chicken
Chang-an Restaurant Shou-Si Chicken

Okra Skewers
1 Chang-an Restaurant Okra Skewers

Pork Tongue
1 Chang-an Restaurant Pork Tongue

Short Ribs
1 Chang-an Restaurant Short Ribs

Baked Squash with Salted Egg Yolk
Chang-an Restaurant Baked Squash w Salted Egg Yolk

Lamb Skewers1 Chang-an Restaurant Lamb Skewers

Cold Noodles
1 Chang-an Restaurant Cold Noodles

Beef Tataki
1 Chang-an Restaurant Beef Tataki

Chang'an Restaurant Eggplant

Fried Chicken
Chang'an Restaurant Fried Chicken