Dummies Can’t Play the The Exit Game

Had such an amazing time at The Exit Game! I’ve never tried any kind of Escape Room before and I had no idea what to expect. It was really hilarious to see how my friends each reacted to the stress of needing to figure out puzzles and solve mysteries with a time deadline. The rooms were super high tech and we couldn’t believe the amount of work and thought that went into each puzzle.

The challenges are difficult! You definitely have to be pretty clever and alert to figure things out. Don’t play like a I did on an empty stomach, this definitely eats up a lot of energy with all the brainpower needed.

Here we are trying out the AI Room. The concept of this room is that your hacker friend is being framed for some crimes that he didn’t commit. Break into his computer system and find all the clues to get him cleared of all charges! Our friend Tyler got SO serious about this damn game, it made the game even more stressful but also possibly made it even more fun

The Exit Game 2

Why so serious?

The Exit Game 3

 Awesome graphics and so much attention to detail in each room that we enteredThe Exit Game

We played the Korean Prison style escape room which was our favorite and had a hilarious introduction video also. The description for The Villain’s Lair goes:

The glorious leader, Kim Jong Il has captured your team of secret agents.  Your team must figure out how to complete the impossible mission of breaking out of his jail and make your way to his underground cave.  You will have to disarm all the bombs in order to escape. Can you be the hero that saves the world?


We are super excited about the upcoming Harry Potter wizard room!

 Trapped in jail in The Villain’s Lair


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