How to travel in Australia on a budget

Perhaps a trip to the green continent is the most desirable for young travelers, and for older people as well. However, going to conquer the vastness of Australia, we face a number of challenges, first and foremost is the problem of finances. Where can we get so much money to spend it on a dream trip? Yes, this is not for the low-budget traveler, but you can save by planning your trip to Australia wisely.

Depending on what the objectives and interests of traveling to Australia you are pursuing, it would be smart make a trip plan. In this article we want to give you some good tips to help you get started in the country of kangaroos, and spend almost nothing (besides the visa and flight) in the journey. And even if the Australian dollar rises, the country has a lot of free and affordable places to explore. So, if you are a student stop searching how to buy essays and research how to plan your trip to Australia!

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Visa and Flight

Travel to Australia is an unforgettable adventure. But to get there you will need to obtain a visa. Fortunately, the Australians are very loyal to the citizens of many countries, so there is no problem obtaining a visa. This is confirmed by thousands of people who visited Australia without any problems. For the visa you do not even need to come to the Embassy: all the necessary documents and a copy of the passport are sent to the e-mail of Australian Embassy. The tourist Visa fee is usually $ 130 for two weeks.

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Flights to Australia are long and tedious, often with transfers. But if your goal is to explore this beautiful country, you have to accept this fact. As for airlines, Qantas is a great choice. In fact, there are a lot of carriers that you can find with a discounted price or great deals. If you use a search engine Skyscanner, it is possible to find cheap tickets to Australia. To book your flight, 4-12 months prior is the best time to obtain the optimal prices, you will save considerable amount. Travel to Australia in the off-season is cheaper than going there on New Year’s Day or Christmas. The most “low-budget” months are from March to May and October to November. Perhaps the flight and the visa are the biggest expenses for such a journey.

How to save on domestic flights

For flights between the cities of Australia it’s best to stay on the flights of local airlines – Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Virgin Blue. A regional company such as the Rex is the best one for foreigners: you can make unlimited travel for one or two months, on Kangaroo Island, or Royal Island, as well as on the Coober Pedy. The cheapest tickets are sold on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you go from the airport to the city, it is best to take a taxi (if you have more than 3 people in your group).

Traveling from $ 1 per day

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Australia has plenty of wilderness, and the cheapest way to get there is using Campervan.  Campervan is a way to travel through Australia by RV. You will receive a vehicle, a specific route, and some companies will even refuel you with gasoline. To rent this car for 6 guests is $ 1 per day. Payment of gasoline is a great PR move for such companies, with which you will be able to travel all over Australia by paying a few dollars for the extra kilometers of roads. So fill the refrigerator with products, and go forward. The only thing you need to have international driving license.


Where to stay in Australia

If you have the money to spend it is best to choose a standard room at the hotel with breakfast. But if you choose to save on accommodations, we suggest you pay attention to rental apartments, rooms in a private home or hostel. With regard to the latter, they are worse than in Europe. So when booking a hostel, make sure to do your research! Accommodations in apartments or in hostels will cost you three times less than in a three-star hotel. In addition, you will be able to meet the owners of apartments and locals, who may help you assimilate into the identity and culture of the country (to rent 2-room apartment will cost you about $ 500 a week, a house with two bedrooms – $ 650-700 per week).

Many online offers can be found on the website “mysterious hotel“. However, you have to pay first and then you find out where you dwell. There have been instances that tourists have gotten 4 * and 5 * hotels on the website. Of course, it is also possible to find an apartment on CouchSurfing, where people have free housing but live with the hosts. If you have something to offer in return, use the transaction ” the exchange of dwellings”: where you are a guest at the home of the Australian, and some time later this person may use your apartment in your home-country. Maybe you’ll get lucky and score two-week stay in the heart of Sydney, or in such a popular location as the Great Ocean Road.


Where can you eat with just 15 dollars?

Eating is not cheap in most restaurants in Australia. A money saving option would be to purchase the products in the local markets or in supermarkets and prepare your own meals. This works best if you are renting an apartment or a room in the cottage with a kitchen. You can also rent a hostel, but its best to find out in advance whether there is a kitchen there. In Australia, there are catering establishments like diners, where lunch will cost you less than a hamburger in the USA. By the way, you are welcome to leave tips, but tips aren’t mandatory.

Here are some recommendations for affordable places to eat in Australia.

– In the old shipyard, there is a restaurant “Doyles” in Sydney. Lunch in the open air will cost you $13. Also, youcan go to Sydney Harbour National Park.

– At Cutler & Co, in Melbourne, you can order seafood, chorizo and aioli for just $14.

– Bargaining at the Central Market in Adelaide you can buy the best meat products and freshly baked bread

– At Brisbane «The Crosstown Eating House» lamb chops dressed with mint yogurt will cost you just $20.

– In the city of Darwin, head to The Parap Village Market to buy tropical fruits – such as mango, papaya, coconut, lime are quite cheap. Again, everything depends on how you negotiate with the sellers. 


What places can you visit in Australia for free?

In Australia, there are a number of galleries and museums which are open to the public for free. Here’s the top 10 free museums and exhibition halls in the country, which are ideal for a cultural holiday:

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

The National Museum of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Victoria, the international art, Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria in the Ian Potter Centre, which presents Australian art, Melbourne.

Art Gallery of Queensland, Brisbane

– Queensland Museum, Brisbane

Modern Art Gallery of Queensland, Brisbane


Where you can meet a kangaroo 

You can’t visit Australia without meeting kangaroo! But they aren’t easily found in Sydney or other big cities in Australia. Meeting these common inhabitants of the Oz is possible in the Central Taronga Zoo.

But it’s best to go observe these adorable creatures in their natural habitat:

National Park Grampians – 270 kilometers north-west of Melbourne 

– Just an hour-drive from Sydney’s city center are the National Park Blue Mountains. If you arrive in the morning, you will encounter kangaroos (the entrance fee for the car is $ 7).

– Check out the beach camp at Murramarang National Park where kangaroos rest directly on the beach.

– Don’t miss The National Park Bowling Green Bay where amazing wood wallabies live.

– Watch wombats in the National Park of Wilsons Promontory. These cuties aren’t afraid of people! The park is located 225 km south-east of Melbourne.

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Mobile communications in Australia

The cheapest way to have a mobile wireless in Australia is to buy a local SIM-card and insert it into your smartphone (about $ 30 per month).

Have a nice rest in the Green Continent!


About Guest Writer: Sandra J. Hayward

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