The Best Acai Bowl In Los Angeles

The BEST Acai Bowl in Los Angeles

I was super excited to be introduced to the super deliciousness of the Acai bowl by the Postmates app. Postmates was running a free promo a couple of weeks ago, giving it’s users a free acai bowl to try out the delivery service. The Acai Bowl is now one of my favorite choices for breakfast, its such a healthy start to do the day! I can’t wait until summertime so I don’t get cold as I do now eating it for breakfast. Acai is a super fruit, unproven in it’s healing capabilities but it’s currently enjoying tons of attention in the food world. I’m enjoying it for its deliciousness!

Cow’s End Cafe

I am currently working in Venice and parking is a bitch! I found the Cow’s End Cafe on Yelp. The ambiance at The Cow’s End Cafe is great, its a locals spot and everyone is super friendly, making conversation with you while you’re in line. There is a line – this is a popular spot! I ordered the Sambazon Acai in a Bowl. It was ok! For me there was too much granola and not enough fruit and the acai seemed to melt quicker than most. Also it didnt make for a beautiful presentation. Don’t get me wrong, it was not bad at all, but it was not the best. The price was great $7.95 a bowl.

cows end cafe acai bowl
Instagram: @yelpLA

Another Kind Of Sunrise

I was excited to discover this spot, Venice has so many local hotspots?? I came to try the acai bowl but I am even more excited to try their other offerings. They are known for their Butter Coffee and I was so excited to see that they had bone broth! There’s a huge fad with bone broth in New York at brodo but this is my first encounter with bone broth in Los Angeles. Isn’t their acai bowl beautiful? I wish I had known that the acai was not frozen and not like yogurt, I didn’t like the yogurt at all. The nuts were super generous, but I just personally prefer fruits over nuts. This bowl is the priciest of the bunch $12!

Another Kind of Sunrise Acai Bowl

Kreation Organic

Kreation Organic in Venice is in walking distance from the office, it’s a very popular local spot with delicious juices and tonics. Their Amazebowl is ok! I prefer larger sized pieces of fruit and I don’t like apples in my acai bowl. Their Amazon Bowl is $9.95.

kreation juice amazebowl

Instagram: @KreationJuice


The Postmates Acai Bowl is still near the top of my favorites, the first bowl which converted me to acai bowls in the first place. Postmates is an awesome service but they aren’t very responsive, I’ve tried emailing and tweeting at them to discover the origins of this bowl but have yet to receive a response. If anyone knows where the bowl below is from I would absolutely love to know! This bowl was free except for the delivery charge – $5 total!

Acai Bowl Postmates


Naturewell is one of my favorite shops to visit, the employees there are so happy and passionate about their product. I was excited to learn that they also made acai bowls. Their acai was super frozen which I really enjoyed and I really liked the coconut topping. Make sure to try their facemelter shot, with ginger and cayenne.

Naturewell Acai Bowl


The Best Acai Bowl in Los Angeles is…….Ubatuba Acai!

With Acai Bowl in the name, their acai bowls had better be good! Ubatuba Acai Bowl does not disappoint! With locations in Tarzana, Thousand Oaks and Northridge, I am so glad that they have a location on my side of town in Koreatown. Their bowls are also available for delivery on Postmates! The Alameda Bowl is $8.50 and it’s a perfect bowl of berry goodness. There’s a understated glaze of honey topping to balance out the tartness of the ripe fruit. My mouth is watering now just talking about it – go check it out!

Ubatuba Acai Bowl