Le Tote Unboxing

I’m like a broken record, but I am obsessed with all things subscription box and at the moment especially all things rental. I’ve been wanting to try Le Tote forever and I am a real customer, not sponsored by them. I really started to need the service when I started working at my full time job. I only really had a week or two’s worth of work clothes, most of the clothing in my closet is too dressy for daytime wear and especially for work. Plus it’s just boring to wear the same thing over and over again.

The rental clothing model works perfectly for work. I love wearing things once and then never again! Also part of the fun of a subscription rental service is that sometimes the service sends you something you would have never picked out on your own and I get to try something new that I discover I actually like.

Le Tote is a bargain, it’s $50 a month and you can return the postage page package as many times as you like to exchange for a new set of items. For $50, you get five items: three pieces of clothing and two accessories. Here’s what I got last month

Don’t want to read it all? Watch here!

Blue Striped Wrap by TART – Retail Price: $84

This was my favorite piece from the tote. It was heavy and just felt so luxurious and soft and warm. I am the queen of these snugly wraps.

blue striped pulloverLe Tote Blue Pullover Styled

 Black Blouse by NOIR – Retail Price: $58

The Noir Blouse is one of those basic staples that you should have in your closet. Pretty much matches with everything!

Le Tote Black BlouseLe Tote Black Blouse Styled

Gray Shift Dress – Retail Price: $92

This dress fit like a glove! It was also made of thick, high quality material. Maybe its because I am a cheapie used to buying really inexpensive clothing at Forever 21 and Sheinside and that’s why I am not used to the quality of Le Tote’s clothing. This should not highlight the fact that Le Tote’s clothing is expensive, its good solid, mid-range priced clothing, it should just highlight the fact that I am incredibly cheap when purchasing my own clothing.

Anyhow, I tried to throw in some punk rock edge with my blue studded pumps and my Shoedazzle purse by Gwen Stefani

gray shift dressLe Tote Gray Shift Dress Styled

$45 Necklace

These two necklaces were perfect for the Tote! I wore them every single day with all the outfits above because they matched everything in the box and the necklaces looked great stacked on top of each other.

black triangle stacked necklace

$54 Necklace

black diamond costume jewelry


I just shipped my box back the other day and my new Le Tote should be arriving in a day or two, ready for next week’s work week! Based on my calculations, I can reasonably expect to get a new tote each week, that’s four times a month. This month’s items in totaled up to be  worth about $300. That would be about $1200 worth of clothing for a $50 rental per month = a great deal!


Another star of this Le Tote adventure was the super amazing Shyp! I’m not sure how, but I became a gold member. We all know how horrible it is to go to the Post Office and deal with the inexplicably long lines (why are there only two checkouts for twenty customers??) and rude service. Shyp is AMAZING because you just use the app, and a Shyp guy or gal shows up within twenty minutes to pick up your package take it off for shipping. The service only costs $5 (plus any postage costs) plus your regular shipping fees. They provide shipping packaging and tape up your package – thats included and free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Launch the Shyp app and add a shipment.
  • Snap a photo of your item and request a pickup.
  • Within 20 minutes, a Shyp courier will come to your door, retrieve the item and take it to our packing and shipping facility.

Somehow I was lucky enough to become a Skyp VIP so I just had to pay $1 for all the services!! You can go to http://www.shyp.com/gold to try to request a Shyp Gold invite!