Had lunch at Dumpling House – was actually trying to grab Dim Sum but the line was too long! We chose Dumpling House because it was very busy inside, it ended up being a great choice! They’ve been open for over eight years in Arcadia and have another location in Gardenia. Dumpling House specializes in Shanghai style dumplings and cuisine

I love Chinese cold appetizers, we started off with the Two Delicacies appetizer which included seaweed salad and potato salad combo. This was our favorite dish out of all the noms. There was a great contrast between the two flavors, the seafood being more salty and umami and the potato salad being sharp and tangy.

Dumpling House Arcadia

The green beans were great! Chinese restaurants often mess up on green beans, the flavor hasn’t soaked into the beans at all. At Dumpling House Arcadia the beans were perfectly garlic-y.

The soup dumplings at Dumpling House Arcadia were good but not quite on the level of Din Tai Fungs, which is just across the street. IMG_1805

Fried Dumplings – good! We were starting to get incredibly full…

Fried Scallion Pancakes – could be crispier

Pork Noodle Soup – I wouldn’t order this again. The broth was delicious but the meat was tough and chewy

Dumpling House Arcadia
921 S Baldwin Ave, Ste A
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 445-2755