As all my close friends know: I am Korean BBQ obsessed. I am trying out some of the local Koreantown spots, but I am not focusing solely on top 10 obvious spots that everyone raves about. Quarters Korean BBQ just opened right next to the ever popular Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant. After we left Quarters, Hae Jang Chon still had a long line outside and Quarters was only three-quarters full. It’s just as good as Hae Jang Chon but you can skip the wait.

Quarters has a fun tapas concept, you can order a wide variety of quarter lb plates, so its possible to try a wide variety of meats. Most importantly the meat is of great quality! We opted for the Prime Beef Combo which was $49.75. It was too much meat for just two people, it would be perfect for three people. This combo included:beef belly, seasoned boneless short rib, marinated beef chuck and beef outside skirt. It also comes with all the typical fixings, banchan, steamed egg and kimchi chigae






Quarters BBQ has a different take on the typical korean potato salad, their version is pumpkin. It was sweet and tasty – I love the typical korean potato salad and prefer it but this was a fun change

The silken tofu was nice but could have used a lot more sauce



Green beans were super garlic-y yum!IMG_1824


I’ve never seen this before, at first I thought the red bowl was filled with cheesy corn but it was just cheese fondue style! The Renaissance Man LOVED this, all his bbq was dipped and he ordered a second bowl of cheese on top, took the leftovers home and made a taco the next day

This is the seasoned boneless short rib, I believe it was seasoned with some sesame oil and a hint of salt. My second favorite cut!
IMG_1829 IMG_1830


A MUST – the steamed egg – why is it never this light and fluffy when I try to make it at home?


The kimchi was served in a big tureen and it had generous amount of pork belly and included fish cake, which I havent seen before. I was full by the time that it came out and could only take a few sips but it made for a great dinner the next day


Quarters Cha Dol was some of the best in town, very fatty and juicy. It was so light and fluffy that I managed to finish the entire plate even though I was beyond stuffed

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