Green Blender

I love a yummy drink and I was never one to jump on the juicing bandwagon, although I do enjoy a juice once in awhile – they are undoubtably tasty! I recently watched a documentary called FED UP featuring experts with new research on how juicing could actually cause you to gain weight. When juicing, you are retaining all the sugars and discarding all of the fiber. I can’t imagine that fruits and vegetables were created to have so much waste discarded after juicing — all that fiber waste – it just seems unnatural.

Smoothies make more sense and I’ve always been a huge fan of the Mango Smoothies at Robek’s or Jamba Juice. I was excited to recently discover a smoothie subscription box. With Green Blender, you receive five smoothie recipes and all the necessary ingredients to make a total of 10 smoothies. They sent me a complimentary box to test out for a week!

The first thing that I discovered was that my current blender SUCKS and I need to get a new one ASAP, I recommend getting a great blender, it would make the smoothie making experience much more enjoyable.

For the week I tried out these 5 recipes:

Creamy Matcha Mint
Spicy Gazpacho
Get Up and Go Green Grapefruit
Tangerine Dream
Creamy Coconut Calm

My Green Blender box! I love receiving a big box of fresh and delicious produce! The big straws always remind me of boba.Green Blender Box

A great tip for blending is to blend the greens and liquids first! Makes the whole process easier
Green Blender 3

Green Blender

Green Blender 2

Green Blender Smoothie

All in all the smoothies were tasty and great for breakfast. The ingredients are packaged to make the whole process easier. In the mornings, I have spare moments before work, usually just time to grab a yogurt and run out the door, but if I just add 10 extra minutes to my schedule, I can pop a Green Blender Smoothie in and get a very filling healthy, tasty smoothie for my breakfast that day.

The total cost of the Green Blender weekly subscription is $49 a week or $4.90 per smoothie. This is cheaper than a smoothie at the usual smoothie spots

If you’d like to try Green Blender out, they were kind enough to give me 20% off coupon for you, my readers! The coupon code is: KAILAYU if you’d like to try it out HERE