Yellow Fever

I’ve been listening to podcasts on my way to work and pretty obsessed with the Gimlet Media’s family of podcasts. Startup was the initial podcast that got me hooked – it was a podcast about starting a podcast startup – meta.  Season Two  is even better: it follows the story of how two women build a dating company in the male-dominated world of startups.  The episode last week covered a topic I’ve rarely heard discussed and wasn’t even really aware of, the topic of how black women have a much harder time finding quality dating prospects with online dating services. That there’s an inherent bias that becomes apparent when people are searching online for dating prospects.

On Reply All, a sister podcast from Gimlet Media, the last episode covered the story of a serial dater. This particular serial dater was a pathological liar who dated dozens of women at a time, juggling multiple, serious girlfriend relationships concurrently. The kicker was that he was a white guy that only dated Asian girls. Ugh. The episode interviewed several Asian women who had used online dating services and became jaded with the process, encountering these skeezy Asianphile predators more than once. They came away from the process with a screening process, that any non-Asian guy who had five Asian girlfriends in a row was immediately out of the running. I would go as far to say that if he had two Asian girlfriends in a row, that would be cause for concern.(BTW my boyfriend is white and his last girlfriend was not Asian) Wouldn’t you want to be the first and last Asian girl that a guy dated, not the 100th?

I reflected upon the guys that I knew in my life that only dated Asians. I think theres a very big difference from having an attraction to Asian girls and only dating Asian girls exclusively, which is usually a fetish. These guys often had a couple things in common: they would frequent Asian hookers and date an inordinate amount of of Asian girls, I’m talking dozens, 50, events in the 100s! It seems that these Asianphile guys not only fetishized Asian women but treated them as interchangeable, abundant, objects. This is only my personal observation  but I’m curious, do you agree or disagree?

Here’s a totally gratuitous and unrelated photo of myself

Style Moi striped shirt dress

Photo by: KC Nekro

Rocksbox Necklace, Style Moi shirt dress