Will CL succeed in the United States?

I think it was genius for CL to pursue a solo career in the US without her 2NE1 girls. Although I am a big fan of the entire group, CL is by far the standout star with her brazen rockstar charisma on and off stage. The other girls would just hold her back. So many Asian superstars have tried to break through to the US with zero success. When I was growing up, the Mariah Carey of Asia, Coco Lee tried her big US breakthrough career. She made some super poor choices with who she collaborated and she was lacking in the fashion sense of the US and she barely made any noise overall. The Wonder Girls tried recently but is anyone really interested in the 20 girl group thing in the US? For the moment girl groups havent been on top since The Pussycat Dolls while the solo female rapper thing is fresh and new.

Some reasons CL might come out on top?

Killer Style

Her style is even stronger than most American pop stars and being the muse of Jeremy Scott certainly doesn’t hurt!

CL Style



Pure Talent

Unlike Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, CL is a singer first, rapper second. Her stage presence is as strong as either rapper

Check out about 3 minutes into the video (2:45) when CL breaks into rap. Her performance was so fierce it gave me chills

Superstar Collabs

Diplo, Skrillex, G-Dragon, Diplo and Riffraff and heavy use of EDM are just a few of her weapons in her US attack

Diplo & CL Skrillex & CL

Some reasons CL might come out on flop?

Dr. Pepper

CL’s recently released her first single Doctor Pepper but many say the song sucks. I hope they shoot a music video for it though because it’ll undoubtably be killer!

 Diplo X CL X RiFF RAFF X OG Maco


Based on Youtube statistics KPOP is losing popularity. BIGBANG’s Bae Bae in 2015 had 29 million views. At KPOPs height of popularity their Fantastic Baby video has now received over 163 million views. SMTowns top video in 2015 was Girls Generation’s Catch Me if You Can with 23 million views, their most viewed video was all the way back in 2009, 6 years ago Girls Generation Gee with a whopping 126 million views. Will this affect CL’s ascension to fame in the US? Probably not but its an interesting point to consider

In conclusion, CL definitely has more points in her favor on her quest to dominate the US music scene. I am rooting for her success!