We first used the Roaming Man hotspot while traveling around Bali and we couldn't live without it! Of course when we confirmed our trip to Peru, we had to bring it with us on our trip also. 

Wifi in Lima Peru

The roaming man hotspot is super ideal for when traveling around Lima. I personally have a Team Mobile phone and it gets 3G service in Lima, but it wasn't really great for even checking Instagram, which wasn't loading on my data plan very well. I'm super glad that I had the Roaming Man in my pocket so I could access 4G speeds while traveling throughout Lima. 

I even had internet service on a boat in the ocean while swimming with the sea lions in Callao Peru, 25 minutes outside Lima! This was awesome because I could update my Instagram stories while I was out on the boat. 

Wifi in Cusco Peru

The wifi connection in Cusco, Peru was also pretty solid. I'm assuming that if you are heading to Cusco, you'll probably be stopping by Machu Picchu. I even had some service inside Machu Picchu, even though it was spottier than other areas of course. If you are visiting Machu Picchu, you'll need to stop in to the city of Agua Calientes if you are traveling by train. This is the only place where the Roaming Man didn't really work very well, but all wifi is spotty in this area which is surrounded by mountains!

About Roaming Man

The Roaming Man is not only available for use while traveling in Peru, but it works in over 130 countries. You can also connect up to 5 devices at one time! It's $9.99 a day for service . Find out more about here

Roaming Man provided a complimentary rental for review but as always all opinions are my own