What is 3D Eyebrow Embroidery?

Eyebrow embroidery is more commonly known as microblading. It’s also known as permanent eyebrows feathering technique or hair like strokes. It is often referred to as 3D because the technician draws precise, individual hairs that look extremely realistic.

It is technically a form of cosmetic tattooing although no machine is used. The pigment is added to the upper layer of the skin with a very fine needle. These needles are much finer than those using in traditional cosmetic tattooing.

what is 3D eyebrow AmbrodieryShot by @kikiwongo

Is eyebrow embroidery permanent?

Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permanent process. Don’t get alarmed initially because your eyebrows will be super dark for a week. In about a week, the top layer of skin will peel off and the eyebrows will lighten to their intended shade. In about a year or so, you’ll want to go in for a touch-up.

Eyebrow embroidery will last several years but you will eventually go in to get your brows embroidered again.

 Is Eyebrow Embroidery Painful?

I was super excited to get my eyebrows embroidered! I had previously had my eyebrows tattooed and I was very happy with the result. My eyebrows had last been tattooed over 3-4 years ago and had faded quite a bit.

As for eyebrow tattoos, they are a bit painful. A tattooing needle is used and it stings quite a bit when because of your eyebrow bone.

I am excited to announce that eyebrow embroidery is much less painful!

Eyebrow Embroidery Numbing

To start the treatment off, our technician, Rachel applied a numbing solution and put tape over the solution and eyebrow, to really lock in those numbing juices. Then we hung out for about 20 minutes while waiting for the numbing agent to start working.

Initially, the eyebrow embroidering process was so painless that I didn’t even know that Rachel had started using the blade on my skin. The process was extremely fast also, no more than about 20 minutes. We then took a quick look in the mirror and applied more numbing lotion. Only during the touchup process did it sting and it was obviously sore after the process.

Overall, nothing to fear!

Eyebrow Embroidery Tools

The technician uses a specialized kind of needle which incorporates several needles in one. The ink used for the tattooing process is a kind of henna.

After the process, you are sent home with a healing cream to make sure that you don’t get infected.

eyebrow embroidery toolsSource: @tatgirlzink

Embroidery Brows – Before and After

Eyebrow embroidery is perfect for filling in spotty brows. It even works when you have zero eyebrow hair at all like I do!

As you see in the before photo, my brows were previously tattooed although the lines are much thicker. In the after photo you can see the distinct hairs that Rachel drew in individually.

BTW Rachel asked me if I wanted lighter, more natural brows to match my light hair color but I wanted dark statement brows!

Eyebrows on fleek what what!

Eyebrow Embroidery before and after

I also want to show a before and after of Kiki’s brows, since this was her first time getting her eyebrows embroidered. You can really see a dramatic difference after the process!

eyebrow embroidery before and after 2

The Best 3D Eyebrow Embroidery

Makeup by Rachel did a stellar job on both of our brows! She is a great choice for eyebrow embroidery in California and she is located in the heart of Ktown. She is set up in the very beautiful Atelier by Tiffany salon.

Atelier by Tiffany
213-500-2425 (contact Rachel)

400 s Western Ave 201
Los Angeles CA 90020