What happened to my long lost twin?

I used to have a twin. I found out about her in college. She lived 40 miles away from my high school but even then knew all about her.  The Asian Community is very tight knit. My friend showed me her homecoming photo. I didn’t think that she looked like me at all! Ok so she wasn’t literally my twin but she was just a girl my friend said looked just like me. I became mildly obsessed with the idea that I had a lookalike roaming around in such close vicinity. My insecure high school self did not like this at all.

I didn’t make it into UCLA right out of high school, I actually transferred there later on. I was looking forward to attending college in San Diego at UCSD and living away from my very strict parents.

But I arrived on campus and discovered that my twin had also chosen the Very. Same. College. WTF?? What were the chances? I constantly starting comparing myself to her. She had huge C-cup breasts to my A-cups (pre-implant), were her boobs real? They were pretty amazing. She was one of the models in a this import car calendar that all my classmates were drooling over. I was not

We ran in the same circle of friends. We went to karaoke together. She could sing too?? NO! It also happened more than once that I was walking around campus and someone would walk right up to me and call me by her name and still not know that I was not her.

And she was just cooler than me. I just wasn’t cool. One day I showed up at school wearing this tacky D&G shirt covered in logos. Her best friend made a joke about tacky logos and they snickered to themselves.

And then I transferred to UCLA and never heard about her again. Its the weirdest thing. I thought of her the other day and looked for her on Facebook and couldn’t find her. I had looked for her once before, several years ago to no avail. Why? I guess I was just curious if we still looked alike. I wondered what she ended up doing with her life, we were once on such similar paths and than my life veered sharply off the traditional path.

I spent about ten years touring around as an import model. People would constantly come up to me in public in Koreatown or San Gabriel and ask to take a photo with me. I wonder when I had half a million followers on Myspace did people go up to her and call her by my name?