Visiting Glen Ivy Hot Springs in San Bernardino

It's a one of a kind experience

I grew up in San Bernardino but had never known about the Glen Ivy Spa while growing up.

Club Mud is a super fun and interactive experience. Cover yourself with generous amounts of California red clay and Glen Ivy's own mineral water.

The Grotto is a can't miss experience at the Glen Ivy. It's a self-paced, ultra moisturizing treatment consisting of four underground caverns, which leave you with super soft and touchable skin.

An Unique Experience

Get Moisturized!

Upon entering, you'll be completely covered with Glen Ivy's moisturizing mud.

After you've been painted in the mud, you'll head over to the dark and heated chamber.

Get Heated


Afterwards, jump into the jacuzzi!

Delicious Food

There's plenty of delicious food to indulge in.