The Vanity Fair Social Club #VFSC

During Oscars Week I was so lucky to be invited to attend The Vanity Fair Social Club. Thanks so much Blogger Babes! It was an insane whirlwind week, including the Lifestyle Bloggers Convention and The LA Travel and Adventure Show. It was my first time attending a Blogger Babes event and I didn’t know what to expect. All the girls were super friendly and passionate, especially the beautiful and intelligent leader Heidi Nazarudin aka The Ambitionista. It’s always nice to meet like-minded people. Recently I attended a dinner event and I was excited because I was seated at the “fashion bloggers” table. I was looking forward to the event because I recognized one of the names at my table was that of a blogger that I had been a fan of and following for awhile on Instagram. She turned out to be extremely stuck up and didn’t bother getting know anyone seated at the table. I was a stuck up brat in my early 20s and karma slapped me hard later on in life. Glad I won’t have to go through that again but karma is a bitch!

The Blogger Babes with Heidi Nazarudin

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The food was one of the highlights of the event. Every morning there was a new selection of fresh baked goods, one day it was a delectable assortment of doughnuts another day it was an luscious blueberry muffin. Snacks were provided by Food Ink Grocerie. The daily lunch menu was healthy but delicious, the day that Horse Thief BBQ provided the food, the food ran out!IMG_2068 - edited

Irresistible desserts from Valerie Confections
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Fresh coffee was available all day from Vittoria Coffee

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And there was caviar!

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Loreal sponsored free beauty products inside the Beauty Lounge. Attendees were treated to a new beauty treatment per day including makeup applications, brow shaping, nails, and blowouts. We left each day feeling extra glamorous!
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There were daily talks from the industry’s finest. Here are some famous Youtubers that you might recognize!: Tyler Oakley, IJustine, and Joey Graceffa

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Bloggers at #VFSC were super excited to hear costume designer Colleen Atwood speak. Here are a collection of purses from her new handbag collection
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I got to try the Oculus Rift! Pretty cool
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Available for daily rental was the Microsoft Surface. I enjoyed using it a lot, it combined the touchscreen of an IPAD with the full functionality of a laptop. I was tempted to purchase one
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Everyone’s favorite stop at #VFSC was the Twitter machine. The machine was filled with goodies like full sized Giorgio Armani lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes and all kinds of other goodies, even a $50 gas card! All you had to do was Tweet a few hashtags at the machine and it would dispense your chosen goodie
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The cutest event attendee!
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