Try the World Box – Japan

I am a paid subscriber to the Try the World Box, and I love the subscription. It’s a bimonthly subscription and each box focuses on a new country. It’s a sampling of some popular foods from each country and it truly gives you a little taste of the culture. What I especially love about Try the World is the beautiful little Culture Guide booklet which comes with each box. The booklet usually includes some recommended recipes and ideas on how to use the contents of the box

Try the World comes in one of the most beautiful boxes, very Tiffany-esque and great to use as storage boxes around the house or to use for gifting.

Try The World Japan 2


Inside is a two-sided description card detailing all of the items

Try The World Japan

Yay for soba noodles! I was preparing to make the soba noodles and there was a super weird recipe inside for the soba dip which included 1/2 cup of olive oil and lemon and ginger paste. I mixed it all together and maybe it’s just me but are you familiar with any super oily soba noodle dipping sauces? The ones I have encountered are not oily at all. The sauce was such a turnoff that I am waiting until I have a better soba dip recipe to make the noodles with.


Try The World Japan - Soba

Dried seaweed snack makes for a quick healthy nutritious snack and also a great topping for rice.



Try The World Japan - Seaweed Paper

I’ve never seen an Okonomiyaki Mix before and this was really fun to make! I was very skeptical of the quality of okonomiyaki that could be made at home but this was delicious! I would definitely purchase it and make it again. Check out the step by step process HERE



Try The World Japan - Okonomiyaki

Matcha is all the rage nowadays. Blend this blueberry matcha with some honey and ice for a perfect summer treat!



Try The World Japan - Blueberry Matcha

I’ve never tried the Shimi Choco Corn before but it was like a lighter, fluffier version of Hello Panda. Ate these all in one sitting



Try The World Japan - Choco Corn

I really love the convenience of this ginger paste. The worst thing is getting a bite of ginger in your stir fry, the ginger paste packs all of the punch of the ginger and mixed the flavor well into the entire dish



Try The World Japan - Ginger Paste

I love anything gummy and favorite Hong Kong cafe style drink is lychees, sugar syrup and ice. Gummy + Lychee = yes!



Try The World Japan - Lychee Gummy