This past Saturday Nylon Pink and I participated in an eating contest which we filmed live on Periscope. Yuki Ito, the tiniest one of our bunch won the eating contest but what was most interesting is that we discovered the Kiki Wongo has an incredible knack for live streaming chat. I feel extremely awkward on live chat unless I am just doing an interview or answering questions. If there’s dead space = super awkwardness ensues! Part of the reason Tila Tequila was so popular back in the day and blew away all the import models on Myspace was simply because of her personality.  She had a big one, and frankly all the other import models, myself included,  had no personality. We weren’t ever required to talk!?

Try the World Box – Almond Macarons Recipe

On a totally unrelated note, I finally got to test out the Try the World box, which I’ve been dying to try forever! In reality I was campaigning quite hard for them to sponsor my subscription, but having fallen on deaf ears, I finally ponied up the money and subscribed.The first box I received was the Marrekesh Box. The box comes with a beautiful companion booklet detailing all the items included and including some famous recipes from the region. I will be reviewing the box in an upcoming post. tried out the almond macarons recipe. The end result didn’t look anything like the photo in the booklet but I thought that the cookies were delicious! (The Director thought that the cookies were gross)

By the way, don’t confuse macarons with macaroons. I’ve never works with almonds before….it was fun. I love almond jello!


Pulverized almonds

almond macaron almond mix

Making that dough

almond macaron mixture almond macaron mix

So I tried initially to half the recipe ingredients which I really don’t recommend doing with a baking recipe.  The dough was way too runny and not at all stiff like the directions stated it would be so I added way more almonds and powdered sugar into the dish

almond macaron dough mix  

almond macaron dough 

The result was a soft pillowy cookie, crispy at the edges and soft in the middle. Good with extra dustings of powdered sugar on top! Oops for some weird reason I didn’t take a photo of the final cookies, but here’s what they are supposed to look like! Click on the photo below for the recipe!

Rose Water Macaroons