Style is always right up there on our list of most important things to consider when packing for a trip. You do not have to be Instagram famous to have a killer wardrobe. We always find it helpful to make a list, lay out outfits, and prepack to ensure you find the perfect clothing items to bring with you on your trip. Whether you’re travelling for business, professionalism is your style, or you want something a little classy just in case, this list will have you covered. Below, we have provided you with the best lightweight travel blazers for women.

Making room in your bag for essentials is a must. Let’s be honest. Yes, we think style is incredibly important and packing the perfect clothing may even make or break your trip. But, choosing your clothing wisely can also leave room in your bag for other more important things. These things can be relatively important items like a first-aid kit, towels, or personal hygiene products. Business trips can get messy, just like any other trip. It is better to leave your suitcase with room to have options, rather than fill it with bulky items. That is why every blazer on this list is comfortable, stylish, and lightweight.


This lightweight beautiful blazer also doubles as a zip up jacket. It features two zip pockets on either side. It comes in seven different colors: army green, black, burgundy, black, blue, navy blue, light khaki, and white. The chic and colorless design of this blazer is one of the best lightweight travel blazers because it is very easy to pack and can look professional. The two pockets on either side are mock pockets, but give the blazer a cool feel than just a traditional cinched blazer. This blazer looks amazing with a pair of dark wash jeans, slacks, or even a bodycon skirt. We love a product that is versatile, especially when packing for a trip. This blazer also features a unique high-waisted zip.

This open blazer is more of a casual option. Our favorite feature of this product, and one of the reasons it is one of the best lightweight travel blazers for women, is that it comes in forty-three different colors. It comes in solid colors and some prints as well, to match everything you bring with you on your trip. It is very light, easy to fold, and tucks easily into a suitcase or backpack. There is no zippers or buttons on this blazer, making it look very clean cut and easy to dress up or down. The back of this blazer is fitted and it gives the wearer a very appealing appearance. The sleeves are ¾ style sleeves. This blazer also does not have an inner lining, which makes it more light.


This longer blazer option is something we love because it gives your outfit a unique look. It gives off a more comfortable and put together vibe. This blazer by Zeagoo comes in two different color options: olive green and black. Zeagoo boasts that this blazer is perfect for work at the office and we agree. But, we also think this lightweight blazer is perfect for bringing on your travels. It fits a little looser and makes for something comfortable if you are rushing on a business trip. This blazer is lightweight, but also thin, so consider that when packing this fashionable item. It pairs well with a pair of skinny jeans and pumps. The long sleeves are easily long enough to be rolled up, to give this professional blazer a more casual feel if needed.

This classy lightweight blazer is slightly cropped and comes in one color: navy blue. Suite Alice focuses on their blazers being figure hugging and looking very professional. They want to embody what the modern day business woman would be wearing. Choose this blazer if you are traveling for business and want to leave a lasting professional impression. Although this blazer is very lightweight and easily packable, it does have some padding on the shoulders. There is one button on the front for closure that cinches your waist. There are two flap front pockets on either side. It has a slightly notched collar and weighs about one pound.

This slimming and chic open front blazer is one that we absolutely love. This blazer is one of the best lightweight travel blazers for women for many reasons, one being that it comes in sixteen unique colors. It also comes in five different sizes. We really like how POGT plays around with prints as an option for this cardigan, giving it a more casual feel. The lightweight material is perfect for packing. Since it is open front, it does not feature any zippers or buttons. But don’t let this seemingly plain design fool you, this blazer is incredibly comfortable and stylish, without going overboard. The collar on this blazer goes down to the hem, for a professional modern look. The waist of the POGT blazer is cinched to give you an hourglass shape.

This uniquely designed travel blazer comes in three different colors: white, navy blue, and black. The style of this blazer gives off a more laid-back and comfortable vibe when in comparison to the previous blazers listed. This blazer features a full zip and no collar. This blazer also has two side zipped pockets and a pleated slimming back. The material is 100% polyester, making it lightweight, yet very soft and comfortable. It features a “slim-fit” design, which will hug your curves. It is perfect to pack for trips because it can double as a lightweight jacket that would work for a casual outing or the office

The Mumujia blazer comes in four different fashionable colors: yellow, red, pink, and black. We love this brand for a blazer because it provides a very bright pop of color, yet remains lightweight and stylish. It features a ¾ sleeve style that is able to be folded. There is no collar, no zippers, and no buttons. This blazer is one of the best lightweight travel blazers for women because it is clean cut and remains professional, while still giving your wardrobe some diversity in color. It also features two mock pockets on either side. It is made out of cotton and polyester. The Mumujia only weighs about 9 ounces.

The JJ Perfection sleek lightweight open blazer comes in twenty-one different colors. This large range of color options makes JJ Perfection’s blazer one of the best lightweight travel blazer options for women. It features silk soft chiffon fabric, which is also incredibly light. You will not have a probably packing one, or maybe a couple, into your travel bag. The sleeves feature unique ruching that gives this blazer a fun feel. To add on to that, it also has an uneven front hem. The collar is very classy and is notched. There are two side pockets on this blazer, each with zipper closure.

The Hersife lightweight blazer comes in three different colors: dark red, camel, and watermelon red. It is made of polyester and cotton. It has ¾ length style sleeves that are slightly ruched. The Hersife features a one button front closure, but looks great when worn open as well. It has a straight hemline and more of a slim fit, meaning it will hug you around the waist. It is more casually designed, but you could still rock this blazer at the office. This blazer would be perfect to pack up on a whim. It has a large flared collar and no pockets.

This comfortable blazer by Beyove comes in eight different colors. Beyove features this blazer in a few different styles, changing up the hems and collars. This product features a single button closure and a long collar, making it look very professional but also is figure flattering. It features two pockets on either side and a rounded hem. There is also a slit in the back for added dimension. We love the slight ruching on the back of the sleeves on this blazer. This item would pair well with jeans for a casual look or a simple skirt for something more work related.

Never underestimate the power of a great fitting blazer. Even if you are not going on a business trip, do not be afraid to stand out in the crowd. Putting on a well fitted blazer gives off an amazing impression about yourself and tells your current or future employer that you are dedicated to your job. It is also important to consider what you wish to pair your blazer with. It is very easy to take a very professional blazer and dress it down with a pair of jeans for a more comfortable look.

If you want a brand that has a bold pop of color, but remains professional, check out Mumujia. Their line of blazers are extremely fun and well fitted.

If you are looking for something that has a full zip and can double as a comfortable jacket, you may want to try Concep’s collarless blazer. It is very functional and easy to pack.

If you want a blazer with a modern feel, open front, and plenty of color options, trying looking into POGT’s blazer. They have plenty of different colors and fun prints to choose from.

If you prefer something simple, but still stylish, try the blazer by JJ Perfection. It is made of silky soft chiffon and is very lightweight.

All these blazers are some of the best lightweight travel blazers for women. We featured products that are comfortable, but still look incredibly classy. Wearing a blazer can show that you are put together and ready to take on new challenges. This can give you a new level of confidence that you might not have known you had. Adding a blazer to your wardrobe can amp it up and add a subtle detail to your travel life that you will not regret. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED 'AS IS' AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. All prices on this site may change and those considered valid are displayed on