If you're actively attending yoga retreats all around the world, you know that the standard roll up yoga mat is simply not practical for travel. I love these fold out yoga mats because they fit neatly into your luggage or even into your purse or carry on.

One thing to note is that travel yoga mats tend to be less thick as compared to standard yoga mats so you might have to use a towel with your mat. This is never a problem since I can always grab a towel from my hotel room.

​I've already shared my favorite fleece lined leggings, perfect for yoga in colder weather environments,  yoga shorts, favorite meditation benches and chairs. Read on below for my top 10 favorite foldable yoga mats for travel!

Travel Yoga Mat -  Pricing Table

Yoga Mat


Unfolded Measurements


Folded Measurements



24" x 68"

2.2 lbs

10" x 12"

1.5 mm


24" x 68"

2 lbs

10" x 12"

1.5 mm


24" x 68"

2.5 lbs

10" x 12"

1.5 mm


24" x 68"

1/2 lb

10" x 12"

2 mm

Natural Fitness

13 x 12.5

2.3 lbs

10" x 12"



Unfolded Measurements

Check this icon below to see what the yoga mat measures when unfolded.


Check this icon to see how much each yoga mat weighs.

Folded Measurements

This icon will show you what the measurements are of the mat when folded up.


Some of the yoga mats vary quite a bit in thickness, check this icon to find out.


Manduka - eKO Superlight Travel Yoga & Pilates Mat

24" x 68" unfolded

10" x 12"

2.22 pounds

1.5 mm thick

Manduka's eKO Superlight Travel Yoga mat is made from biodegradable Tree rubber and is 99% latex free. The mat is made entirely from post industrial scrap so that the whole production process is waste free. It's our #1 pick as the best travel yoga mat because its the most durable natural rubber yoga mat available. Its ideal for travel, folds up nicely and you could easily stick it into your purse if needed.

The surface grips exceptionally, even if you sweat.  The mat resists damage and bacteria with its tightly woven scrim and closed cell design. This line of mats is Manduka's eKO line which is eco-friendly. Its approximately 1.5mm thick, weighs 2.22 pounds and measures 68 inches by 24 inches.

I love this mat because it is gripper than your average yoga mat. As the material is made out of rubber, it has a distinct smell when you take it out of the packaging. Just follow the included instructions and air that baby out.  Ultimately it's my favorite foldable yoga mat for travel!​

Khataland - YoFoMat - Best Travel Yoga Mat

24" x 68" unfolded

12" x 10" x 3" folded

2 pounds

1.5 mm thick

Khataland's YoFoMat is exact long, coming in at 72 inches. It features folding lines throughout and is super easy to transport. The material is high density and the material is non-skid and grippy. It also comes with a cute little travel case and a yoga pose chart.

This is a popular yoga mat that has been featured in REAL SIMPLE. The Today Show and many other yoga magazines. The mat is patented and measures 12" x 10" x 3" when folded, about the size of a thick book. If you have more than one Khataland mat, you can easily stack the mats and store them. The touch-felt folding lines all the length of the mat help with your body alignment.

You can easily clean this mat using a damp cloth with water and a cleaning agent. Just allow it to air dry. The mat weighs about 2 lbs. This is great mat that lats flat and doesn't do that annoying curl up that rolled up yoga mats do. Love the Khataland line of yoga mats!

YOGO - Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat  

24" x 68" unfolded

12" folded

2.5 pounds

1.5 mm thick

I just love the look of YOGO's Ultralight yoga mat and the fact that it comes with straps and a handle. When all rolled up it measures no more than 12 inches and weighs just a hair over 2.5 pounds. You can toss it into your backpack or carryon easily.

The straps also make it convenient for you to hang the mat for drying after washing. This mat features a high performance rubber made of natural materials. Most importantly one tree is planted in Africa every time a mat is purchased! I love that the map folds up to the size of a newspaper. When unfolded it measures 24" x 68".

The mat material is award winning and is super sticky so you don't have to worry about slipping around while practicing your poses. The mat's thickness is 1/16", This mat is the new and improved 2.0 version, the previous model did not feature handles. For one of the most stylish travel yoga mats on this list, check our YOGO's Ultralight!

Gaiam - Foldable Yoga Mats

24" x 68" unfolded

12" x 10" folded

1/2 pound

2 mm thick

Gaiam's Foldable Yoga Mat is a scored yoga mat featuring a unique stick texture that will keep you from slipping and sliding while in your downward dog. The mat measures 2mm thick and when all folded up it measures 10 inches by 12 inches.

When unfolded the mat measures 68 inches by 24 inches. Gaiam's been in the yoga game for over 25 years so they have a deep understanding of what practicing yogis are looking for in yoga products. It weighs in at just half a pound and although its made out of rubber there is no smell.

This mat is super easy to clean and because of the creases and its folded design, the used side of your mat never touches the unsues, clean side. This mat is ideal for international travel and it is so much easier to transport than a folded yoga mat. It folds up easily and stores compactly into your luggage or bag. If you have a sensitive nose and are looking for a mat with no smell, pick up this one from Gaim! 

Natural Fitness - Roam Folding Yoga Mat

13 x 12.5 unfolded

12" x 12" folded

2.3 pounds

2.5 inches thick

Natural Fitness's Roam yoga mat comes with a cute little recycled carrying case. It is eco-friendly, being Latex/Phthalate free. When all folded up it features about 1ft by 1ft and is by far more gentle on the environment than the regular PVC foam mats.

The mat weighs 2.3 pounds and when rolled out it measures 6 inches by 8 inches. It's 4 inches shorter than a standard sized yoga mat. When folded, its thickness is about 2-2.5 inches. It's easy to open and super portable. This is durable little yoga mat that is great for travel!

IVIM - Folding Portable Non-slip Yoga Mat

24" x 62" unfolded

12" x 10" folded

1 pound

3.5 inches thick

I love that IVIM's folding yoga mat comes with a cute little pair of  grippy yoga socks. This is an eco-friendly bargain mat featuring a skidless design. When folded up it features 10 x 12 inches and opens up to 62 x 24 inches.

This mat weighs lighter than many of the mats on this list, in at just less than a pound. It's super light but just thick enough to be comfortable. I like the sturdiness of the material and love the squares in the mat that help with your alignment. Also foldable mats are just more sanitary than rolled up mats.

Sisyama Folding Travel Yoga Mat Thick

24" x 68" unfolded

12" x 10" folded


9 mm thick

Sisyama's cute little yoga mat features Chinese zodiac designs along the length, I love it! It is available in two colors, pink and teal and the dimensions of the mat are 24 x 68 inches with a 3.5mm thickness.

It is thicker than many of the yoga mats on this list which is great if you have sensitive knees.  When folded it measures 12 x 10 inches and the thickness is 9mm.  This product has a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose with this purchase! If you are looking for a foldable yoga mat with extra padding, this is the best pick!

SatoriYoga PORTABLE Yoga Mat Foldable

24" x 72" unfolded

12" x 10" folded

2.2 pounds

6 mm thick

Next up we have SatoriYoga's travel mat that you can use take with you wherever you go. It measures 72 x 24 inches with 6mm of thickness. It weights 2.2 pounds and is 100% biodegradable.

This yoga mat was designed by traveling yogis who want to practice yoga all around the world. It's perfect for all practices of yoga and feels nice against your skin. The grip is great and the mat is totally non-toxic and is completely latex free. The rubber foam is super responsive and gives you lots of cushioning

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