This photo set was shot at the beautiful Chakrabongse Villas. This was my first time collaborating with a photographer for this blog out of the country and it was an interesting experience. I actually had some luck posting on Craigslist for photographers in Bangkok although I ultimately decided to shoot with AJ Sikand, referred by my friend Tom from Pancakes and Booze. He's a very talented ex-pat photographer who has worked for Vogue and much more.

I wasn't so lucky in Phuket, Phuket doesn't have a Craigslist so I tried reaching out to photographers on Instagram. Ultimately The Director just shot the photos for me, and the photos turned out stunning so everything worked out great!

The dress is from Sheinside and it shows a lot of cleavage. I'm not big on showing tons of cleavage most of the time so I loved pairing it with this top from Single Dress.  It definitely gives it a kind of luxury resort look. Those of you familiar with my blog know that I love to add a pop of color with the shoes. I haven't been wearing jewelry lately, this look would have definitely benefitted from some gold accents!

Photographer: AJ Sikand

Sunglasses: Sheep Shades

Top: Single Dress​

Dress: Shein​

Shoes:​ Shoedazzle