Taylor Swift’s Style (covered by @NylonPink)

It’s finally here! Check out Nylon Pink‘s brand new cover video of Taylor Swift’s Style!!! The girls chose to cover a Taylor Swift song in honor of Kiki Wongo’s epic stage performance on drums for Taylor Swift’s 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIdaZ7FMQPs

Its funny, people always ask how a group of girls would get along for so long, expecting them to go at it with each other likes cats and dogs. For the many years that Nylon Pink has been together, 95% percent of the drama has always been caused by the hangers-on whether they be money stealing managers, untrustworthy agents, shady friends and over possessive girlfriends and boyfriends. Damn leeches! So many of them all around.

Of course the girls fight here and there and get annoyed with each other (we had to tour around for two months together in a van for godssakes) but in general the girl fighting has been extremely minimal. I consider some (definitely not all) of the girls sisters for life that I would do anything for. You go girls!