Tastemade’s Gallivant Event

Had such a fun time at the sold out Tastemade Gallivant event in Santa Monica! Tastemade is like a Youtube Network for Food Lovers and their beautiful studios can be used by top creators to film cooking shows, live program filmings, competitions, etc. For their Gallivant event they gathered some of the best of Los Angeles’s restauranteurs to share their delicious samples with hungry foodies like myself! It was a super fun evening event with panels by top Instagrammers, photo booths and a live dj

It’s the Starry Kitchen banana man! We love our friends at Starry Kitchen and their yummy fried Tofu Balls! We were excited to hear that they are opening up a brand new storefront very very soon!



The Urban Explorers panel featuring city photographer Influencers!

Tastemade Gallivant Panel
Instagram: @foodventure
Tastemade Gallivant
Instagram: @lincolnandrose

Jon and Vinny’s Hamachi crudo with galbi vinaigrette and empire apples. Delicious but super tiny.Also I wasn’t sure why this was the bite offered, doesn’t Jon and Vinny’s specialize in Italian family cooking?

Tastemade Jon & Vinnys
Instagram: @misscutiefoodie
Tastemade Gallivant
Instagram: @tastemade

More beautiful photos from one of my favorite food photographers The Offalo. The delicious meat bbq happening at Belcampo Meat Company’s station

Belcampo Meat Company
Instagram: @theoffalo

I’ve heard so much about that Southern Hot Chicken and was excited to see that it was now available in Los Angeles at Howlin Ray‘s. The chicken was super juicy and a hot peppery bite. Recommend!

Tastemade Howlin Rays
Instagram: @dblares

Mozza’s Whole Roasted Baby eggplant, Ceci Purée, Zhug, Za’atar

Tastemade Gallivant Mozza
Instagram: @theoffalo

Paloma Paleta’s super fun flavored popsicles were a perfect end to a tummy extending night. This one here is a Pomegranate Yuzu flavored poppy ice!

Tastemade Paloma's Paletas
Instagram: @theoffalo