Souping is the New Juicing

I tried out Soupure recently, a kiosk in Brentwood and it was the first that I’ve ever heard of “souping”. Everyone in LA is of course crazy was “juicing” but I was troubled by the fact that I heard recently on a documentary that juicing could actually be fattening = you are keeping all the sugar and none of that fiber. I’m personally a huge fan of The Master Cleanse if I need to quickly drop weight and I don’t experience all the weight gain back afterwards, I actually find it to be quite effective but it is a Commitment with a capital C! It’s not easy to make it through the master cleanse and at Soupure their mission is to get you to cleanse with none of that deprivation feeling.

Soupure Kaila Yu

The soups are all so fun and colorful and there are 27 flavors available. There are fun, fruity flavored sweet soups to try chilled and more savory mixes to drink hot.

Souping is the new juicing


It was really hard for me to narrow down my decision to three soup choices, I was in a savory kind of mood but next time I will be sure to pick up the ENERGIZE soup (above in the pink jar) which blends strawberry and cashew yum! I’ve been reading all about the bone broth craze in New York, which hasn’t really filtered over to here in Los Angeles yet (probably because we are dying in this blazing heat!). My first choice was the Chicken Bone Miso Broth. I heated it burning hot and it filled me up nicely!

My second choice was BOOST: Pumpkin Miso. It tasted like a sweet savory butternut squash type of flavor with generous bites of shiitake mushroom and each spoonful. BOOST would be a great choice to give a little jumpstart to your immune system when you’re feeling a little weary.

My last choice was REBUILD: Spicy Asparagus Leek meant for detoxifying your system. Also has generous bites of actual asparagus within!


Soupure Soup Cleanse

Thank you Soupure for gifting me with these three soups to try out!

I am looking forward to trying out some of their cleanses!

Soupure Cleanse


I found this Groupon for Soupure, $63 for a one day cleanse which includes two 16oz waters, two 16oz hot soups, one 12 oz hot broth and three 12 oz cold soups & tonic otherwise you can go to Soupure in Brentwood to pick up individual soups or order online for delivery!