Review: The Palms Place, Las Vegas

Briefly visited Las Vegas for one night for the Licensing Expo, the hotel room was chosen by my bosses at CCYP, the parent company that just hosted the highly successful KTOWN Night Market this past weekend with 50,000 attendees. We came to meet with brands about potential partnerships for Anime Impulse 2017

I just stayed one night but I could’ve stayed all week, I love Vegas Hotels! They are so sumptuous and over the top and there are countless food options on the casino floor. Every hotel a has a pool so never forget your swimsuit when packing for a Vegas getaway.

I couldn’t find a loyalty program for The Palms Place which was unfortunate, I am just getting started with the loyalty and points game and loyalty programs will weigh in heavily on my decisions of where to continue to stay during future travels

At The Palms Place I was staying at The Studio Suite, Superior Room which goes for $229.88 a night on average. Theres also a $30 per day resort fee on top of that!

We arrived on Tuesday early evening around 6PM. Check-in was super easy, there was only one other guest in front of us in line. It was strange though, when we asked for hotel rooms next to each other the receptionist said that they were unable to accommodate because they were completely sold out. Seemed strange because it was a random Tuesday without a huge convention in town and the reception area was not busy at all. Granted we were arriving to check-in at an off hour, but I found it curious.

I had just returned from New York and of course had misplaced my id. Although my boss, who was standing next to me, had booked and paid for the hotel room, they would not release the hotel room to me unless I provided a photo id. The counter guy told us that we would have to call Expedia to change the ticket which would be a big hassle! Luckily I emptied out my bag and found my id.

Check-in Counter

The Palms Hotel Room Check in

Didn’t have time to stop by the pool but it would’ve been nice, at one point it was 110 degrees outside! The Palms Place pool is more low-key but if you are looking to get turnt, the adjoining Palms Casino hosts that famous Ditch Fridays Pool Party

The Palms Place Pool


We didn’t eat at The Palms Place, we were too busy gorging ourselves at Caesars Palace’s Bacchanal Buffet (with a 2.5 hour wait!!) – I ate at least 20 crab legs, but if you don’t want to leave the Palm’s Place, their Cafe 6 looks like a great option

Cafe 6 at The Palms Place

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.54.12 PM

The creepy hallway to my hotel room, reminds me a bit of The Shining. After I had the thought I got scared and ran the rest of the way to my room. I stayed on floor 30, which came with a nice little view. My co-workers were staying on a higher floor and used a entirely separate elevator to access their room.

The Palms Place HallwayThe Palms Hotel Room Halls

Walking into the hotel room was like a breath of fresh air, it was bright, airy and spacious. The hotel room is about 650 sq ft. It’s crazy because a friend was just telling me about how her entire apartment was just 750 sq. ft. As you get into the larger Vegas Suites, they are bigger than most people’s apartments!

I tried to make the bed for a nicer photo, but as you can see I am terrible at making beds! The room was equipped with black out curtains so you can enjoy complete darkness while sleeping, which I prefer.

The Palms Place – Bedroom ViewThe Palms Hotel Room 1

I can’t imagine why anyone would ever need a kitchen in Las Vegas, I would never ever cook with all the amazing food around. Perhaps many are renting the room for an extended stay or renting it as a residence? Strange…or maybe others just don’t appreciate Vegas food to the level that I do.

The Palms Place Desk and Kitchen
The Palms Hotel Room Front

Super comfy bed!
The Palms Hotel Room

The second television didn’t make a lot of sense since it was right next to the tv in the front of the bed, wouldn’t you need to wear headphones to watch and not be disturbed by the noise from the adjacent television? Oh well, I’m not complaining!

Second Television The Palms Hotel Room TV 2

There is ample living room space to entertain
The Palms Hotel Room Living Room

Standard Minibar
The Palms Hotel Room Mini Bar The Palms Hotel Room Minibar Alcohol

Loved that The Palms Place had an Intimacy Kit! Included inside are 3 condoms, 2 personal lubricants, 4 breath mints. and 1 massager. At $7.50 it seems like a bargain. I didn’t realize that the intimacy kit was only $7.50, I would have purchased it for this feature but I was scared to take a look at the jar, is it true that the second you lift up an item from the minibar, your room gets charged for it? Anyhow, I’m curious what the massager in the Intimacy Kit is………..

There is also a long mirror above the bed for adventurous sexual escapades.

The Palms Place – Intimacy Kit
The Palms Hotel Room - Intimacy Kit

The bathroom was clean, bright and well lit. The Palms Hotel Room Bathroom Entrance

Loved that I could watch TV while getting ready in the morning!The Palms Hotel Room Bathroom TV

The shower also included a bathtub but what I really appreciated was the rainforest style shower. I really need to pick one up for the house. I hate when you go to a hotel and the water barely comes out, gross!
The Palms Hotel Room Shower

The Palms Place toiletries
The Palms Hotel Room Soap

The Palms Hotel Room Toilet

After checking in to the hotel, we headed over to Caesars Palace for the buffet. We got back to the hotel just before 10PM and I was pooped from gorging on all that food! I wanted to hang out and enjoy the hotel room a bit more but I went straight to bed. I woke the next morning extremely well rested. I later found out that my co-workers found an all night golf range that opened until 2 am and stayed out until 3 am, only in Vegas! I’m too old and too sober to have such stamina anymore

The Palms Place is the perfect hotel for a business trip or vacation getaway. Check out was super easy, there was no line at all Wednesday morning.

One thing that was a bit weird was that the parking structure wasn’t connected to the hotel, and it’s a bit of a walk, especially in the 110 degree weather but I suppose all Vegas hotels include a lengthy-ish walk. The Palms Place is off the main strip so you can beat some of the major traffic and alleviate some of the costs staying here.

I would definitely return!