I grew up in San Bernardino but had never known about the Glen Ivy Spa while growing up. Little did I know that the resort has been around since 1977! 

I was expecting the resort to be dead on the Wednesday we visited, as it was November and in the middle of the week but the resort was fairly busy (although not uncomfortably so). It seems to be a popular couples destination or girls getaway/Bachelorette party.

We arrived at 11am and planned to spend the half day at the Glen Ivy

What to Bring to Glen Ivy

Admission to the Glen Ivy includes access to the 19 pools, Club Mud, and all the showers, saunas, and classes available that day. Towels are also provided

Here are some essentials to bring with you when visiting the resort for the day.

  • Flip Flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

That's really it! There are lockers at the Glen Ivy. I would recommend just bringing a small purse or backpack. I brought a really huge purse and backpack and had to use two lockers to store everything. It wasn't really a big issue but I just had to carry around two keys for the duration of the stay.

glen ivy hot springs massage - store

Gift Shop - Glen Ivy Products

Glen Ivy has quite a sizable gift shop near the entrance of the facilities and another shop on the grounds in case you need to purchase any clothing or toiletries for your visit.  They also have their own line of beauty products available for purchase.

Glen Ivy Muds

One of the most popular products from Glen Ivy are the muds. You can either purchase the Club Mud Red Clay Mask or the deliciously green Grotto Body Moisturizing Mask.

Also available is a Glen Ivy sugar scrub, the lavender eucalyptus hair care products, and various other skin care products.

glen ivy hot springs massage - club mud entrance

Club Mud

Club Mud is a super fun and interactive experience. First, cover yourself with generous amounts of California red clay, which is infused with Glen Ivy's own mineral water and then let it bake dry in the sun or use one of the resorts Wafa chambers. Once the mud dries and becomes flaky, you can rinse off in one of the nearby showers.

glen ivy hot springs massage - club mud

Glen Ivy's red clay is made from local Temescal Valley dry powder clay and mixed with the resort's naturally occurring mineral water. It's a therapeutic clay which helps to remove toxins and impurities from inside the skin and naturally exfoliates the skin leaving your skin baby soft and refreshed.

I would definitely recommend booking the Grotto moisturizing treatment when visiting Glen Ivy and you'll want to stop by Club Mud first, since the treatment is more drying to your skin.

glen ivy hot springs massage - club mud muddy

The Grotto

The Grotto is a can't miss experience at the Glen Ivy. It's a self-paced, ultra moisturizing treatment consisting of four underground caverns, which leave you with super soft and touchable skin afterwards. The entire experience lasts about 40 minutes. This treatment needs to be reserved in advance and is only $25.

Don't bring anything to The Grotto as there's nowhere to store your cell phone, wallet, or anything else while underground.

glen ivy hot springs massage - grotto entrance

Upon entering, you'll be completely covered with Glen Ivy's moisturizing mud, consisting of warm coconut oil, aloe vera, eucalyptus, and lavender. It feels amazing on your skin.

After you've been painted in the mud, you'll head over to the dark and heated chamber. The heat opens up your pores, allowing the products to seep deeply into your skin. You can relax in this chamber for as long as you like and you're encouraged to continue to massage the mud into your skin.

glen ivy hot springs massage - grotto2

After you're done relaxing, head over to one of the individual showers in the next cavern to rinse everything off. Tons of towels are also available. 

glen ivy hot springs massage - grotto shower

Afterwards, head over to the cooling cavern to relax, enjoy hot tea, and apple if you like!

glen ivy hot springs massage - grotto
glen ivy hot springs massage - womens spa
glen ivy hot springs massage - vanity mirrors
glen ivy hot springs massage - photo op

Glen Ivy Restaurants

There is plenty to eat while visiting the Glen Ivy Spa. Right at check in, you'll bump into Goco Cafe, where you can enjoy Starbucks coffee and a selection of snacks before you start your day. 

glen ivy hot springs massage - cafe

Ivy Kitchen -Food Menu

I thoroughly enjoyed eating at the Ivy Kitchen, which features seasonal ingredients in a cafeteria style setting. There are a couple of different stations that you can go to, one focusing mostly on salads, another on sandwiches, and then flatbread pizzas.

Check out their full menu

I ordered the margherita flatbread pizza which was super tasty.

glen ivy hot springs massage - flatbread pizza

But the standout dish was definitely the chicken nachos. We ordered a small and it was more than enough to serve two people. It's served a generous dousing of melted cheese, roasted chicken, guacamole, and a delicious tomatillo sauce. I wish I could have it now!

glen ivy hot springs massage - chicken nachos

The Lounge 1860

There's even a cute little bar! Here's the full alcohol menu

glen ivy hot springs massage - bar

The Massage

We enjoyed luxurious 50 minute Aromasoul Elements Massage, which costs $100. The massages are located in their own area of the facilities. Make sure to bring your wallet so that you can pay for your treatment afterwards and tip your therapist.

At the start of the massage, my therapist asked me to select one of the essentials oils that I liked the best and than proceeded to treat me to one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating massages ever. I wished that I booked the 80 minute treatment, I didn't want it to end!

Next time I want to try the Quartz Massage, which involves laying down in warm sand, which cradles your body in a soft cocoon during your massage. 

Private cabanas

The Glen Ivy can get busy, if you want to reserve your own special secluded spot at the resort, you can reserve in advance one of their cabanas from anywhere from 2-12 people. These range from tented areas by the pool to mini rooms in various areas at one of the many on-site pools.

Glen Ivy Prices

Here are the basic prices at Glen Ivy

- Admission: $50 weekdays / $70 weekends and Holidays

- 50 minute massage:  $50

- The Grotto Moisturizing Treatment: $25