My first few nights in Croatia were spent at the gorgeous Lone Hotel, a five star hotel located in Rovinj. The hotel features a seawater pool and is located right next to a pebble beach and a shady hundred year old forest.

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We were treated to the jazz rooms, which feature a stunning jacuzzi style bath tub and infinity pool with lush forest views. The image above features my private bathtub pool area. 

The rooms are elegant and trendy yet warm and inviting at the same time. The staff is super friendly and accommodating also. The delicious hotel breakfast is included with the menu. Scroll down to see our delicious dinner meal....

Toiletries were from the playful Malin + Goetz line, I especially loved the cilantro conditioner and run body wash.

The shower had great water pressure! I looked forward to coming back to a delicious shower every night after an active day of touring Croatia. 

So if you look on the left of the photo below there's a cord hanging from the ceiling. Don't pull it! I couldn't help myself, apparently it's some kind of emergency cord for if you fall in the shower. Shortly after I pulled it, the front desk phoned to ask if there were any issues. If I hadn't picked up the phone, they would've come knocking on the door!

Good to know that the emergency switch exists....but don't pull it unless you have an emergency.

In Europe they don't use air conditioning as much as we do here in the States so the controls are more for use when heating the rooms in the cold winters.

We were treated to quite a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant.

Selection of infused butters for our bread course​

Lone Hotel Restaurant Butter

Istrian Beef Tartare with Chives Butter - I'm salivating as a recall this dish! The chives butter is deeply infused with the garlicy onion flavor.

Lone Hotel Restaurant Tuna Tartare

Scampi in Tempura on top of a bed of risotto with truffles

Lone Hotel Restaurant Scampi Risotto

Lamb entercote with a pistachio crust paired with asparagus and a peach ragout

Lone Hotel Restaurant

Forest fruits sorbeto

Lone Hotel Sorbet

White Chocolate ball with chocolate mousse melted with warm coconut sauce.

Overall, this is a beautiful, stylish hotel  with a stellar restaurant and generous breakfast. Make sure that you stay in the Jazz Room suite so that you can take advantage of the private jacuzzi dipping pool. The free wifi also works great!