Raw Spice Bar

I’ve really been enjoying my Raw Spice Bar subscription. Raw Spice Bar was kind enough to gift me with a subscription to their service and it really allows me to explore much more of an international palate. The service sends you 3 freshly ground space packets a month from a specific region with three recipe suggestions, which make up one meal


Egyptian Branzino3

This month I received the Egyptian Spice Box. I am very unfamiliar with Egyptian flavors and the three recipes included were:

1. ROASTED EGYPTIAN SPICED BRONZINI using RawSpiceBar’s Egyptian Spices

2. SUMAC, CARROT & ALMOND SALAD RawSpiceBar’s Ground Sumac


A pita bread is the carb that pairs most Egyptian meals so much that the government subsidizes bread. Bread is also used as an Utensil, to scoop up and eat with food. Raw Spice Bar teaches that spices were discovered in tombs as early as 4000BC. Spices were considered a luxury in the annals of history but we are luckily that spices are readily available to us today!

Ok let’s go!

Prep the carrots for the salad first since they take longer to roast. Season with salt, pepper, and olive oil and get them started roasting

Carrots Seasoned

Disclaimer: So I bought my fish, a type of bass at the local Thai Supermarket. The market is easy and close to my house but the quality of the fish is slightly questionable.

Raw Branzino

Egyptian Spice

The Egyptian Spice is blended in the food processor with garlic, olive oil and salt, creating a fragrant rub

Egyptian Spice2

The Branzino

I had no idea what type of fish a Branzino was but its basically a sea bass, I’ve never worked with whole fish or sea bass in the kitchen before. Cut some slits in the fish, stuffed garlic and spaces into the slits and slathered the rub generously onto the fish.

Egyptian Branzino Raw

Stuff that baby! With all kinds of lemon, tomato, red onion, parsley and garlic. Actually the fish’s cavity was not too big so it was overflowing with spice

Egyptian Branzino2

Place the Branzino and top of the cous cous. Here’s where I made a major mistake. I am not that familiar with working with couscous, and I’m not really a fan of it honestly. Compared to white rice, its just not fluffy enough for me. I do however enjoy Lemonade‘s recipe for Israeli Couscous, probably because Israeli Couscous is much more similar rice so I substituted Israeli Couscous for regular couscous

Egyptian Branzino3

Here’s what the Branzino looks like roasted!

Roasted Branzino

Carrot Salad all dressed up with Almonds, Olives and Argula. The Spice Box comes with ground sumac berries which have long been a flavoring ingredient in Egypt. Combined with some olive oil and lemon, it makes a bright, zest sauce!

Carrot Salad

I ended up using a naan bread from Ralphs which is very similar to Egyptian flatbread. The Egyptian bread, like naan, is also cooked in a Tandoor, but it uses the outside wall whereas naan bread uses the inside wall.
Pita Bread