Privy/Chase Chinese New Year Celebration

I was so excited to receive the invite to the Privy/Chase Dinner at Newport Seafood Beverly Hills. Thanks so much Eric and Stephen! Being Taiwanese, I was born a foodie and was already a convert to the addictive dishes of Newport Seafood, I was a frequent diner when I had my party house in Temple City. I was interested to see how their new Beverly Hills would cater to the Westernized palates. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to partake in the wine pairings for the night 🙁 It’s one of the few times I wanted to break my sobriety just for one evening!



Rose is our P.I.M.P. I didn’t have a single red dress in my closet so I rushed to Melrose and Dominic from Brooklyn Projects helped me pick out this dress from Essex LA. Thanks Dom!


Shooting a photo with Eric. I’ve known Eric aka Badcake for 15 years now! It’s so scary how fast time flies. We partied hard in those days and there were some great memories but I don’t miss my twenties one single bit. I was so troubled, angry and full of angst – so uncomfortable in my skin. Once you turn 30, a lot of those insecurities just melt away._MG_7806

Chase_Newport (6)

The First Course was tray passed, there were two dishes: Crispy Vegetable Spring/Egg Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce and Pork and Napa Cabbage Dumplings with a house soy dipping sauce. Both very traditional bites, I liked the contrast of the tender, juicy dumplings versus the crispy sweet egg rolls

Here’s the Second Course: Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Citrus Salad. This was a great start! The briny, crunchy crab mixed with the bright refreshing salad was a perfect pair!

Course 2 - privy newport crab - Credit Eddie Lin

Third Course: Steamed Black Cod with Black Bean Sauce and Mustard Greens. This dish was like a perfect bite of the traditional  Chinese whole steamed fish that comes to the dinner family style

Course 3 - privy newport cod - credit Eddie Lin

Fourth Course: Braised Duck and tofu with House Made Pickled Vegetables. I am a huge duck and tofu fan so I was very excited about this course. I didnt even know that the duck was on top of tofu at first, I thought the tofu was a broth soaked biscuit of some kind. I loved how the tangy pickles offset the fatty duck. By this time I was getting a little worried though. I can seriously eat and if the last course was the size of all the recent courses I was going home hungry!

Course 4 - privy newport duck - credit Eddie LinPHOTO CREDIT: EDDIE LIN

I shouldnt have been worried, you could feel the collective excitement of the room as the waiters started bring out the 5th course, the lobsters were huge and plated on top of a generous portion of longevity yi mein. The peppery lobster was perfectly seasoned and I savored every bite

Couse5 - privy newport lobster - credit Eddie Lin

Sixth Course: Sweet rice balls with peanut and sesame in a Sweet Ginger soup. I was pretty damn full but I definitely finished my dessert, rice balls are one of my favorite nostalgic desserts from my childhood!
Course 6 - privy newport dessert - credit Eddie Lin