I've been dabbling in lifestyle, fashion and food blogging and music for over 10 years. It's only been in the last year that I've discovered travel writing. I've always been passionate about travel since I was little, my parents ingrained traveling in me in an early age.

Which industry typically offers reporters “fam” trips?

I didn't realize that there was this magical world that existed out there for travel and writers. The top writers, reporters, journalists, influencers and bloggers in the business are sent on media trips by hotels, tourism boards, and pr agencies to destinations all over the world. In exchange, they are expected to write about the experience for print or online media outlets or post on their social media channels.

These trips are called media trips, press trips or fam trips. FAM stands for Familiarization Tour and I know that travel agents are also sent on fam trips, although I don't know the criteria for them to get selected. To get sent on a FAM trip, you either have to write for a major print or online magazine, have a blog with a large amount of traffic (50,000+ uniques)  or have a blog with a highly targeted niche, or have a significant social media following (100,000+).

It seems like writers for reputable publications get sent on fams far more than popular bloggers. Also it seems like Instagrammers or Youtubers with huge followings are constantly traveling. In the past year I've built my other travel site up to over 100,000 page views per month. I plan to keep growing it and am in the process of launching three new travel niche sites, but my main priority is writing for more travel publications. I

I chose this strategy instead of focusing on trying to built my Instagram or Youtube, because I think that writing is a more long term, sustainable career. I can write until I'm 80, but Instagram and Youtube will likely be taken over but another hot new social media site in the coming years. The only issue with travel writing is that I've been told that it's quite hard to make a living in this highly competitive industry, so that's why I am building several niche websites to generate my income so I won't have to depend on earning a living from travel writing to survive.

The Villa del Palmar Fam Trip

I've been working with many hotels and travel destinations but I was recently invited on my first fam trip by The Villa del Palmar Loreto. It was an amazing experience and I shared it with the other bloggers/writers that were invited on the trip including: Valerie Was Here, Christina's CucinaKristy HangBabiekins Magazine, Desserts with Benefits, and The Fly Girl Guide.

villa palmar del loreto fam trip

The trip took place in June and was a 4 night, 5 day, jam packed adventure. I am told that most fam trips are jam packed with an itinerary of required activities, lasting from 9am to 9pm. Our schedule was definitely busy but it was a little calmer than most. A special thanks to Zayra Olivares who was our host during the trip.

The Villa del Palmar Loreto hosts several fam trips a year, and this trip was foodie/dessert themed as we were arriving during "dessert week" at the all inclusive resort.​

Our Fam Trip Schedule


1:05 PM Arrive to Loreto.

2:00 PM Welcome Home! Check in and welcome drinks.

2:30 PM Lunch at Casa Mia

6:30 PM Meet and greet cocktail with celebrity pastry chefs

7:00 PM Chef’s table Loreto style with executive Chef Gerardo Garcia.


7:00 AM Guided morning hike with the best panoramic views of the Islands.

8:30 AM Mexican coffee  and breakfast at the Vista al Mar terrace.

9:30 AM Private tour of the world-class resort.

10:30 AM Boat tour of theIslands of Loreto, lunch on private beach, snorkeling.

2:00 PM Tour of the  Loreto Mission, Handcraft Alley, and more.

4:00 PM Private tour of sistervproperty Hotel Santa Fe Loreto.

7:00 PM 3 course Italian dinner by resident chefs, with pastries by celebrity Chef Devin Alexander.


8:00 AM Private Tour of the 7,400-yard Rees Jones-designed Danzante Bay Golf Club and course

9:30 AM Mexican breakfast at the Presidential Suite.

11:00 AM Massage at the award-winning Sabila Spa 

12:20 PM Pastry demonstration by the pool with  celebrity pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini.

4:00 PM Tequila testing led by Sommelier Oscar Torres.

6:30 PM Mexican  steak and seafood at the Danzante Restaurant, with delicious pastries from celebrity chefJohnny Iuzzini.

8:30 PM Make-a-Wish Foundation sky lantern release.


7:30 AM Yoga on the beach

8:30 AM Breakfast time at Casa Mia.

10:30 AM Reef tour! A guided kayak tour along the resort’s reefs finishing with a snorkeling dive.

11:00 AM Free time! Relax at the beach, kayak, paddle board or take a refreshing swim at the pool.

6:00 PM Tea time; Indulge in 18 different chocolate creations and a variety of teas at the Market Restaurant featuring desserts created by celebrity pastry chefs Johnny Iuzzini and Devin Alexander

Press Generated

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Travel Writing Adventures

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