I have been wanting to try out PeachDish forever, I’ve been impressed by their menu selection over other subscription meal boxes. Some of the other subscription meal boxes are way too healthy for my taste! Not that PeachDish isn’t healthy, but their menu selections are Southern influenced and I’m a huge fan of that genre of cuisine. I also love how PeachDish puts a huge focus on its suppliers, there’s an entire section of the website detailing each supplier.

The reason I hadn’t yet tried PeachDish is because there is a $25 shipping fee! I am not sure why that is the case when for all the other subscription boxes have shipping included or free shipping but I assume its because PeachDish is a smaller company based out of Atlanta. Luckily PeachDish was able to sponsor a box for my post so here goes!

I was excited to receive the package and enjoyed the meals but I just wish I was able to choose the entries (regular subscribers are able to select from several choices)

Spicy Tofu Fajitas with Peppers, Onions, Tomatillo Salsa & Sour Cream

One of  the reasons I wanted to choice my entree was because The Director hates tofu! I am a huge fan of tofu but I wasn’t sure about a tofu taco so I just substituted some frozen chicken breast that I had in the freezer.

Spicy Tofu Fajitas

prep ingredients

Prep your mise en place!

mise place3

Yay! I was excited to work with tomatillos for the first time and make fresh salsa from scratch. Get those babies charred!

roasted pepper


Toss everything into the blender

salsa roasted salsa

Yummy and so easy! Its interesting, if you char the jalapeno, it takes away most of the heat. This salsa was so fresh and delicious but I wouldnt have minded even more of a spicy kick.











Stole a super sleek photo from the PeachDish website 🙂

Spicy Tofu Fajitas