Costa Rica was beyond amazing…..its always so exciting when Nylon Pink gets an opportunity to play out of the country — this trip was for Festival Kamen!. Our host Jafet Gonzalez was so sweet greeting us at the airport



Our first hotel was Tryp in San Jose, they had the best buffet breakfast! I fell in love with Costa Rica sausage (chorizo?) and so much fresh fruit! (Photo stolen from Yuki’s FB)


San Jose was a fun party city, but we were in Costa Rica to go to the beach! So we headed off to Jaco for some more scenic adventures. We ended up at Villa Caletas — the ultimate paradise! The hotel room was HUGE — and we had our own personal jacuzzi

hotel inifi


The Villa Caletas’ private beach — and there were never more than four other guests there at one time. There was also a full bar and snack bar just in case you needed a pina colada on the beach!




The devil is in the details — each day the maids greeted us with a room full of folded animal towels

2014-09-01 12.33.15

Breakfast was included, so we made sure to wake up early. Villa Caletas had your everyday American eggs benedict and pancakes breakfast selections but also included ultra authentic choices such as breakfast “Caletas Breakfast” which included: eggs, beans, plantains, avocade, cheese and tortillas. I had the freshest of pineapple juice every morning

Waffles were made special with its local fruit and guava fruit toppings

2014-08-31 10.30.50





Below is: Guanacaste’s Tamal Breakfast: Banana Leaf filled with mashed corn, chicken, tomato and rice. Yum and very island fresh!

2014-09-01 08.33.02


Of course we headed out to the local Jaco beaches and everyone recommended that we stop to eat at Soda Jaco Rustico. There was a line which moved pretty quickly. lunch for two with drinks only cost us $12. The food was cafeteria style, with a ample selection of veggies, cold salads, and braised cuts of fall off the bone meat selections



YUM! Tastes like home cooking!

2014-08-30 13.19.56


I was SO excited to see that the KFC in Costa Rica came with white rice “tipico” style — with beans, rice and plantains




But the best part about Costa Rica is its ultra lush nature — I feel in love with these little busy bee “leaf-cutter” ants. They had no time to bother you or bite you, so many leaves to transport!



On a boat!



I felt incredibly graceful Zip-lining but apparently I was just super awkward!


And YES! We were there for Nylon Pink  at Festival Kamen.  The crowds loved them and they absolutely KILLED IT~!