My Lunch was made up of Car Parts!

Ford’s Sustainability Luncheon

Ford invited us out to the their Sustainability Luncheon and we learned all about how Ford is using bio-based materials to produce its cars, I had no idea! Special thanks to Cherri and Mayra. The founder of Ford, Henry ford was passionate about sustainability. As we all know, plastic leaves a huge carbon footprint. Ford is trying to reduce its dependence on petroleum products by substituting those products with a soybean based foam, denim, and by recycling plastic bottles. They are currently testing the possibility of using other materials such as shredded. and retired money, dandelions, tomatoes, coconuts, and corn and sugar cane!

Emily Tangerine and I, preparing again to feast!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.26.50 PM

Kenia and Chef Rivas of KMR Gourmet treated us to a delightful menu using many of the sustainable materials also found in Ford’s cars!

Ford Sustainability Luncheon Dandelions

Organic Turkey enchilada meatballs with red tomato sauce topped with pea shoot

Ford Sustainability Luncheon x

Cucumber mojitos with dandelion greens

Ford Sustainability Luncheon Cucumber

Chipotle tomato bruschetta’s Latin Tropical Salad.

This dish was Emily and I’s favorite! The bruschetta itself was sweet, almost like a cookie which pair well with the sweet and tangy fruit salad on top.

Ford Sustainability Luncheon Papaya

Delicious Latin slaw with jicama, papaya, coconut shav- ings, pea shoots, dandelion greens, edible orchids with a berry mild sauce

Vegetarian mole chilaquiles topped with soybean tofu bacon, black beans, guacamole, queso fresco, salad

Ford Sustainability Luncheon

Lemon encrusted white fish with white sauce infused wheat germ and coconut milk

Ford Sustainability Luncheon dish

Sautéed Cajun seasoned scallops with dandelion greens

Loved the scallops which were super spicy and covered in a creamy sauce. The flowers were edible too!

Ford Sustainability Luncheon Scallops 2

Delightful Coconut Tres Leches with edible orchids Dessert Cake

One of the highlights of the meal was the tres leches cake! We were each treated to a huge piece of the light and fluffy cake, soaked in condensed milk equaling super moistness to the extreme!

Ford Sustainability Luncheon Tres Leches