Famous for over 30 years, Madonna's music, fashion and style has impacted the world, sealing her place as the the ultimate style icon. She has had an immeasurable socio-cultural impact all over the world with her  her clothing, attitude, lifestyle and her ever-evolving hairstyles.

Madonna, who has won countless several awards and is known as the 'Queen of Pop', has built herself a legacy that extends well beyond music. She is known as one of the greatest and most influential women ever to grace the music scene. She has remained a fashion trendsetter since the 80s when she was first discovered.

Madonna's Real Hair Color

Madonna is of Italian ethnicity and her natural hair color is brown.​

Source: Herb Ritts

Madonna is the ultimate style chameleon. She was omnipresent during the 80s and her ability to constantly restyle herself which has definitely has helped to  redefine fashion trends making her a fashion icon.

Since the 80s, Madonna has constantly changed her hair  from wavy to sleek, curly to short and back to long. Her hairstyles have covered the gamut of styles including straight, curly, redhead, brunette, cropped and blonde.

The Evolution of the Madonna's Styles

If you've always thought that Madonna is naturally blonde, you're not alone because she's featured platinum blonde locks for the most of her career. She has consistently wielded her power to change the fashion landscape and her every changing hairstyles still impress her fans to this day. We'll quickly run through her hairstyle evolution starting from the 80s.

Prior to her major musical debut, Madonna was shot with her naturally dark hair, featuring bushy brows and red lips that were the signature of the fashion-forward women of the time.

Source: Vintag.es

Later, her bleached blonde highlights, tied up with ribbons became a hallmark and often imitated style of the 80s.

At the start of the new decade many of her teenage fans of that period tried emulating her somewhat infamous top knot pony.

She stepped into the Cannes film festival in 1991 looking gothic with blood-red lips, Shakespearean style, slicked hair and pale skin.  

At the end of that year, Madonna had reinvented herself yet again with a cute, curly bob and beret.

Later, Madonna's edgy uber false lashes and platinum pixie crop became one of the best known Madonna styles of all times. With the release of another album, she evolved once again using a more demure approach to complement her new vocal styling.

Between 1995 and 1996, Madonna glowed with her side parted, relaxed curls with soft makeup for the Evita premiere in 1995.  

Evita, is still to date her most critically, acclaimed performance. In 1997 Madonna was enjoying motherhood staying away from the touring lifestyle, with naturally straight hair, a soft fringe, and minimal makeup.

One of her most widely loved and copied looks premiered with her 'Ray of Light' album which hit the top of the charts. Ray of Light consisted mostly of ballads so she opted for romantic make-up and a softer, more delicate feminine style.This dramatic shift in appearance saw her wear her newly wavy, honey-hued locks with natural, peachy makeup.

The year 2000 was another busy year for Madonna as she donned several different styles with glossy curls early in in the year and her heavily copied, two-tone hair which was revealed by the end of the year.

The Queen of Pop beamed with a softer finish as she was seen with a choppy bob for most of 2001

Source: InStyle Magazine

Later in 2003 when she launched her first book for children titled English Roses, she was mostly noticed on and off the red carpet looking very natural with a full mane of glossy hair and toned down makeup.

Madonna's natural brunette look with poker straight locks was featured in 2005 after she released the song, Confessions on A Dance Floor. She brought back to the disco look that she was known for but this time with a contemporary angle to it. She wore Farrah Fawcett locks in 2006 and Monroe-esque curls in 2007.

From 2007 until now, Madonna continuously unfolded looks from curly bobs, flowing locks, sleek and chic straight hair, and this fashion & music icon and trendsetter shows no sign of slowing down.

The Madonna style

Although it is quite easy to notice some recurring hairstyles throughout her career timeline, Madonna is ultimately known for her short platinum hair. She's truly mastered the art of reinvention while remaining the strong, powerful and sexy woman that we all know her to be. Not everyone could ever pull off so many different styles of hair so effortlessly.