The city of Angels: Los Angeles, California is the second most populated city in the United States. It’s well known for its cultural and ethnic diversity which makes it a world stage for fashion influencers, artists, designers, and the press to mingle.

The Los Angeles Fashion week is a widely attended and exciting event in the fashion world which is held twice a year. Initially, it has held around the third week of March and October, but recently, it has been moved to coordinate with the LA Fashion Market Week. 

What Is a Fashion Week?​

A Fashion Week is a fashion period approximately a week when the top and up-coming designers exhibit their new collection to the fashion world. The most famous fashion weeks are held in New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Berlin, Tokyo, Rome, Shanghai and São Paulo.​

Source: Instagram @lafw featuring @rindasalmun'

Brief History of Los Angeles Fashion Week​

LAFW started out as "press week" way back in the 1970s. These press weeks were initially independently produced events to showcase collections from Southern California. However, in 2000, was registered.

2001: showcased the AUDI presents “Spring 2002 Designer Collections of Los Angeles Fashion Week”.

2002: Smashbox Studios produced Fashion Week Los Angeles, which became an independent news source and IMG’s fashion division brought Mercedes-Benz fashion week to LA.

2003: IMG and Smashbox unified to efficiently share their resources. This relationship lasted for about five years.

2007: BOXEight created “Downtown LA Fashion Week” In Spring 2007, which held in Los Angeles Theater.

2008: Mercedes-Benz, Smashbox and Downtown LA Fashion Week folds up and LA Fashion Weekend produced by “The Gallery LA” started.

2009: CONCEPT Shows created by Mike Vensel held during LAFW.

2010: World Coast Management created the official LAFW shows at It was later canceled because of permit issues. Afterward, Style Fashion Week began producing shows.

2012: Los Angeles Fashion Council (LAFC) created by blogger Kelsi Smith started producing shows. In the same year, Canadian Tito Chipman trademarked “LA Fashion Week”.

2013: Official FWLA was declared by Style Fashion Week.

2014: FWLA started producing shows together with LAFW.

2015: Fashion Week LA enters the market and declared itself the latest official LA Fashion Week.

Los Angeles Fashion Week LAFW - 2016​

I was super excited to be invited to attend LAFW 2016 with Emily Tangerine!​

​We were super lucky because LAFW arranged for all the influencers to select runway pieces to wear to the shows. I wore Cindy Wei Zhang, pictured in the middle below

​Some of my favorite designs from Cindy Wei Zhang

Here is our Live Stream from the runway shows

How to Get Into LAFW​

So far, LAFW has been explained to be a fun experience and you’re probably wondering if you can get in. Well, to attend the Los Angeles Fashion week as a designer, a buyer, press or the public, all you need to do is; Follow the calendar on LAFW to know when the events are coming. For this, you have to really keep up with fashion explicitly considering the fact that the producers don’t get to announce it too often.

Contact each of the producers listed above through their website to get registered. It’s that simple!. Fees and other terms may apply, but trust me, it would be worth every cost.

Fashion Shows During LAFW​

LA Fashion Week®​

LA Fashion Week® is the Official Fashion Week for the City of LA. This organization supports the growing community of artists and designers and helps bring them to the world stage. LAFW is dedicated to supporting design, apparel, and art communities through a variety of initiatives, partners, organizations and charities. They also showcase the best local innovators in food, art, and music.

Designers who have been part of the shows, including those showcasing for SS17 are; George Styler, Phlemuns, Sav Noir, Underlash, Micheal Sta.Maria, Dena Burton, Ashton Micheal, Esther Perbandt, Cosmogyral, Rose Cottage, Toit Volant, Marcelo Quardros, Johanna Johnson, Zhivago, Barbara I Gongini, Iimuahii, Emma Mulholland, Shigo, Araksi Balyan, Reese, Salo Shayp, Mulierr, Namilia, Betty Tran, Flora Miranda, Peggy Moffitt, Cindy Wei Zhang, Blond and Beiber, Samsara, Datari Austin, Ricky Wong, Irishlatina, Recreation, Liason by Aurelias, Cecila Echenique, Purana, Rinda Salmun, Oscar Lawalata, Jajaka Ivan Gunawan, Bezgraniz Couture, Ashton Micheal, Daniela Bozza and Vicken Derderian

Fashion Week Los Angeles​

Fashion Week Los Angeles, unlike other fashion shows, is closed to the public. It is an “invitation-only” trade event for buyers and press” which takes place during Los Angeles Fashion Week. FWLA is focused mainly on ready-to-wear, manufactured in California, domestically produced, domestic sourcing, and locally designed collections. They give the press seventy percent focus and the remaining thirty percent of retailers

The Designers for FWLA are separated into:

Women's Apparel - Saltwater Luxe, DANIINY LA, Mercedeh Maralan, KAREN MICHELLE, Cop Copine, Adil Bouarbi, Silvia Fritz, LILIKA DESIGNS FASHION HOUSE,NICKI WRIGHT, And She Saw Stars, JM By JMONIQUE, Marnett E’leion, Rightful Owner, COAL, Hopeless + Cause Atelier, NAKKIN, Ro & De Noir, Talia Leilani, Nickoli August, Elvana,Romeo + Juliet Couture, LOULOU, Naven, Evae Evae, Minan Wong, Octavio Carlin, XCVI, Mena Lombard and Cynthia Rowley.

Men's Apparel - Kevin Evans Collection, Clavonswear, Urbane & Gallant, Moods of Norway, MATTE BY MIKE TEXADA, Antonio Stefano, and JONATHAN MARC STEIN.

Designer - Oday Shakar, Kini Zamora, Gordana Gehlhausen and Joshua Christiansen.

Streetwear - MARAUDERS WORLD WIDE, JAYWALKER, Baysic Agenda, Konus Brand, Royal Majesty Clothing and Robin’s Jeans.

Swim & Activewear - ED designs, Michele Bauer, Kimimi Swimwear.

Art Hearts Fashion​

Art Hearts Fashion was founded in 2011 by designer and philanthropist Erik Rosete. Their events are held in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Art Hearts Fashion has since then grown to become a major platform for artists and designers to showcase their work.

Source: Instagram @artheartsfashion

Major designers who have showcased in AHF are: Betsey johnson, CARY SANTIAGO, coco and breezie, tumbler & tipsy, CONSORT 62, CRYSTAL HEFNER, nouveau riche, house of li jon, jason ryan, ALTAF MAANASHIA, marco Marco, Stephanie Costello, Kokler, Nino Lettieri, Donna Mizani, Leghila' Italy, Kenny Kenny Gear, Maor Luz, M The Movement, Mister Triple X, FURNE AMATO, Michael Costello, Elochee, Rocky Gathercole, Joules London, Michael Ngo, Dunyah, Hollywood Doll, Diana Couture, Alejandra G Shoes, Manolo Blahnik, Fernando Alberto, Yas Couture, , Messqueen Nyc, Gregorio Sanchez, Shrekahnth, Hallie Sara, Mtcostello, Artistix Jeans, Koco Blaq, Walter Mendez, Sanyae Demure, Lacoste, Reebok, Giada Curti, Gianni Tolentino, Silkskin, JAKIMAC, 214 Designs, Sperry Topsider, Stevie Boi, Adolfo Sanchez, Lolli Clothing, Dan Richters, Courtney Allegra, Just Bones Boardwear, Nicole Miller, Hale Bob, Sue Wong, Pedram Couture, Datari Austin London, CONTROL SECTOR, Maggie Barry, Pineda Covalin, Willfredo Gerardo, MAYA HANSEN,Kami Shade, R. Michel'le, Vivian Westwood, Lamb, Ca-Rio-Ca, Spirit Hoods, Isabella Couture, House Of Byfield, Mimi Tran, Stevie Boi, ZHANG JINGJING and lots more

Art exhibitions – Graphics Metropolis, Lisa Reilly, Lilipop Fauxtography,Euart, Sham Ibrahim, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Josef Jasso, Ludovic Baron, Dave Wrathall, Bsuden, Eugene Huffman, and Brainwash.

Celebrity and participants of the show include the likes of 50 Cent, Adam Lambert, Terell Owens, Crystal Hefner, Asia Monet, Dale Moss, Shaun Ross, Alex Minsky, Carmen Carrera, Anna Demidova and much more.

Concept Shows​

Concept shows is another huge platform in the fashion industry. So far, it has had great sponsors like; Audi USA, TONI&GUY, St. Tropez, LA Times IMAGE, LA Times Magazine, Apparel News, Happy Me Skincare, Kitchen 24, ACE Gallery, Siren Studios, Smashbox Studios, Spring Arts Tower, In Focus, Studio DNA, Wella Professionals, Melanie Mills / Gleam, Sebastian Professional, Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Mineral Essence Cosmetics, Theatre, Anjac Fashion Buildings, Pacific Electric Lofts, City Loft Square, The Crocker Club, Fashion Stock, Image House LA, Un Dos Tres Organic Tequila, Kind Healthy Snacks, Dirty Blonde Cocktails, Alejo Mo-Sun Entertainment, Fashion for Passion, Young Projects, Bold Films, Cooper Design Space, Los Angeles Honest Tea, Pretzel Crisps, 5 Hour Energy, Activate Water and Function Drinks among others.

They also have a wide amount of Designers who has had their exhibition showcased such as Chambers, Bellen, B:Scott, Fremont, Caribbean Runway, Michelle Laine, Irene Marie, Indashio, Liason, Debakalis, Basil Malicsi, Aeneas Erlking, Jessica Huang, Urbana Chapa, Andrea Diodati, KITTINHAWK, L. Catherine, Korovilas, ISM Mode, ODA, YOZE, CM2K, Dai Le, Nuvula, Wayward, Alexandrino, Frances Caine, Ravish in Bounds, Sumie Tachibana, Emily Daccarett, Camelia Skikos, WHICHKIM, Lee+Lani, Mathiasen, Stephen Burrows, 4 Corners of a Circle, Irina Shabayeva, Henry Duarte, Ozgur Masur, Mike Vensel, Skingraft, MartinMARTIN, Eduardo Lucero, Bryan Hearns, Elliott Evan,

Style Fashion Week​

Style Fashion Week is a globally recognized world-class platform for top designers to display their collections in major places like Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Dubai Santa Fe, Miami and Palm Springs. It is an expansive Style Marketplace where guests directly engage with brands throughout the week.

Designers who have showcased during the Los Angeles Fashion Week are Adrian Alicea, Aldolfo Sanchez, Altaf Maaneshia, Alternative Apparel, Andre Soriano, Andrew Christain, Anjé, Anthony Rubio, Aqua Swim, Aroshna Makamojia, Bentley and Lace, Betsey Johnson, Betty Page, Bradelis New York, Ca-Rio-CA, Charlotte Ronson, Cheri Elizabeth, Chrisbery, Christina Milian, Christina Nitopi, Civil Society, ClubWear, Consort 62, Control Sector, Coral Castillo, Cosmic Soul, Danny Nguyen, Dauphine of France Couture, David Tupaz, Dextrose, Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy, Edison Richie, Electro Fur, Ev Bessar, Farah Angsana, Fota by Raphael Cole, Foxbait, Franco Montoro, Furne Amato, Gordanna, Gypsy 05, Hale Bob, Helen Lee, Hilda Mauya, House of Perna, Ina Soltani, I-am-Zoe, Jaime Elyse, Janay Dean, Joan Marentis Kelly, Julia Clancy, Just Drew, Just for Tee, K.Rashaé, Kaye Morales, Kennth Barlis, Kinsman Swim, Lainy Gold, Le Jolié, Latrodectus, Linda Gail, Lisas Lacies, Loren Franco, Luis Verdad, Lulu et Gigi, Maggie Barry, Malan Breton, Mariandree Gaitan, Mario De La Torre, Michael Cinco, Michael Costello, Mila Hermanowski, Miguel Badiola, Mila Fargo, Nina B Roze, Nancy Vuu, Nikki Lund, Orlando Dugi, Patricia Michaels, Pol Atteu, PopImpresska, Quynh Paris, R Michelle The Label, Raul Peñaranda, Sabrina & Mannings, Sachika, Santa Clara, Shanna Gall, Shalni Ahuja, Skintone, Sliva Bours, Sue Wong, Sun and Seeds, Tatyana, Temraza, Uwi Twins, Van Wolf, Vedeta Hanley, Venny Etienne, Versa Swim, Vicken Derderian, Walter Mendez and Ydamis Simo.