I was the event planner and part of the team putting on The LA Feline Film Festival this past weekend, sponsored by Organikat and The Walker Museum and Adopt and Shop….so much fun and cats everywhere! Most importantly, we helped to get many kitties adopted out and found them new homes and also I want to give a shout out to our sponsor The Paw Project — which you can watch on Netflix — join them in their fight to ban declawing!

Also a special thanks to our sponsors: The Hallmark Channel, Swheat Scoop, Natural Balance Pet Foods, Animal Health Care Center, Pussy & Pooch, Animal Radio, Pioneer Pet, Square Cat Habitat, Modern Cat Magazine

Putting on a festival is INSANE but we had an amazing team. Erik Deleo (our event creator and leader), his amazing team Ashley Benge and Lilian Manansala from the home team. Dustin Treinen, Megan Cobb, Allison De Vera, Matthew Rivera, Steven D’Onofrio, Tyler Turner, and Jennifer Renoni

Special thanks to the amazing volunteers, especially our hardest working volunteers: Laura Blechert, Marcia Neumeir & husband Rob, Tori Jewell and Cheryl Ross, Nary Tang, Terry Pham, Ulyssys, Billy Wing, Pasadena City College Circle K , Leonardo Rios, Sarah Audet and Sarah Kaiser

The absolutely star of the festival was our headlining celebrity cat Lil Bub. I’m going to be very honest and say that I didnt understand what all the fuss was about Lil Bub until I saw her walking the grass on the field in real life and fell instantly in love. She’s so lovable in person and so sweet and mellow. Poor thing, the food falls out of her mouth when shes eating! I am definitely a fan!

lilbubb lilbuub

I fell in love with Albert Baby Cat (Christmas tree nose!) — her owner was super awkward at the door, she wouldnt let me take photos of the cat that she brought out into public, and then yelled at her guy when he let me take a photo. WTF?


Our comedian Kat Aagesen entertaining the crowds before the cat movie showing


Look at that little face!


The humans brought out their cutest feline companions to strut their stuff – This is goldie



Sunglasses cat was definitely the star of the show. Sunglasses Cat was born very cross – eyed, double – jointed, and without eyelids – a rescue cat!


Superstar Nala Cat made an exciting guest appearance!



An amazing live painting by artist Thus Art – I want it!


Our team member Dustin fell in love with these two kittens



And of course Nylon Pink performed and killed it as always!