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I really connected with Paul Francis's story produced by Kronos, 1 in One Hundred Million series.  I used to be the lead singer of a girl band Nylon Pink and our drummer was sponsored by Zildjian Cymbals! I definitely know first hand about the quality of the product and the skilled craftsmanship that the company prides itself upon. Just like Paul, we lived, ate and breathed music.

These days, I am still passionate about music but am fully immersed in my own PR, Marketing, and Branding company.

I love that Paul's been working at Zildjian for 28 years, started by sweeping floors and still burns with same passion for his work! I only hope that I'll be lucky enough to have the same story to tell with my company.

Although Paul is head of Research and Development now, he started off making cymbals at the company with his hands. He's worked with the biggest names in music and understands exactly what drummers are looking for and works with them rigorously to develop their own unique sound.

It's really important that we celebrate our country's workforce, it teaches us about gratitude and appreciation for everything around us. Just imagine how many hands had to be involved with the banana you had for breakfast. Who picked the banana, shipped the banana overseas, trucked it to your local supermarket, etc? So much had to happen, it's really incredible when you think about it.

Here are the episodes available on the website

I watched Paul Francis's story at Krono's 1 in One Hundred Million Series.  I also enjoyed Briana Franciso's story, she's a female craft beer brewer. There's other countless, inspiring stories about a zookeeper, caterer, pinball pro, gator wrestler and whisperer, and so much more!

Kronos is the leader in workforce management solutions in is devoted to sharing the stories of outstanding members of the workforce who reflect true pride and commitment to the work that they do.

If you want a dose of inspiration, make sure to watch and subscribe here.

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