The KO’AN Center

Wanna see how I made my skin glow? Here’s me right after a trip to the KO’AN Center in Santa Monica



This is not a sponsored post but The KO’AN Center treated me and a few lucky members of The Blogger Babes to a super luxurious spa day and I tried a sampling of many of their top treatments!


Throughout the day I spoke to many of the specialists at KO’AN Center, they were all so sweet and knowledgeable. What KO’AN offers is cutting edge technology and many years of medical expertise of the founders Board Certified Plastic Surgeons Barbara Hayden, MD and Chia Chi Kao, MD.

I was lucky to try these high end treatments, many celebrities visit KO’AN, there is even a secret entrance so that celebrities can sneak out of the building without notice by any pesky paparazzi!

The Regenlite® Laser

The first treatment that I tried was The Regenlite® Laser. The aesthetician started me off with a dreamy facial and I almost fell asleep. The facial didn’t include any of that painful extraction which I’ve come to hate


The Regenlite® Laser is a laser treatment. Many of the popular laser treatments require a week of recovery. Your skin becomes a big scab and needs to peel off before revealing the new skin underneath. The Regenlite® Laser is a new and improved laser because it requires no recovery time – you can resume all regular activities after the treatment. The effects in the brochure are quite dramatic. Besides removing wrinkles and acne, The Regenlite® Laser can also treat old acne scars (I have some!) The  aesthetician told me that the laser would feel like hot raindrops. It felt warm, no pain at all.


Next up was the I-Lipo treatment, which is one of The KO’AN Center’s most popular treatments. I’ve never heard of such a treatment, they call it the non-surgical alternative to liposuction. The treatments are absolutely painless and just take 20 minutes (a perfect amount of time to fit in a little meditation!) The treatment uses low-level lasers and your fat cells are basically broken down and eliminated like magic! Well not completely like magic, you still have to eat healthy and maintain a normal amount of exercise but you get the point

The specialist just straps these guys onto your problem body area and off you go for a 20 minute rest!


These are some pretty remarkable Before and After photos


What really interested me is that KO’AN Center has a laser for old stretch marks. Old stretch marks are almost impossible to remove. I have some very old stretch marks on my upper thighs from high school and I’ve invested thousands of dollars in the past for treatments which had absolutely no affect.  I’ll have to come back to KO’AN soon to learn more about this laser!

Lastly The Koan Center gave me a little goodie bag which included their Ultra Sheer Moisturizing Sunscreen. I’m not receiving a commission for mentioning this product but I just thought it was really cool! All the sunscreens that I have come across are more like a lotion, this product is sheer, like a clear gel. Sunscreens can often give you a bit of a chalky look so this sheer sunscreen prevents that from happening!



I’m going to do a giveaway from The KO’AN Center’s Deep Hydrating 60 minute Oxygen Facial (worth hundreds of dollars), so stayed tuned!