Deep Diary – In defense of laziness

On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work. So why can’t I allow myself a day off? In my 20s I was such a workaholic. I was in a constant craze, ever since I turned 21 I thought I was getting old so I had to





Now that I am in my 30s I understand how ridiculous my thinking was back then, it was entirely driven by fear. I still have a hard time taking a day off though, there’s always still so much more to do, see, accomplish. So what’s been happening now is that on one day of the weekend I am always so exhausted and sleepy. It wouldn’t matter if I had had 20 hours of sleep, the exhaustion would be ever present. It’s almost as if my body is forcing me to take a day off.

So I spent yesterday binge watching Bloodline on Netflix, I highly recommend it! The Renaissance Man and I made it up to episode 8 – maybe we should be a little a little ashamed of our Saturday slothfulness but we worked hard during the week damnnit! I started a new, super exciting job which I’ll tell you about later and I had an incredibly productive and fulfilling week.

This morning I bumped into my brother in the garage (he owns a place in my same complex), him and his wife were attaching their bikes onto the back of their car to go on a biking excursion. They don’t seem to take a day off their weekends are so jam packed with activities and family events, I don’t know how they do it!

Was back on the ball today, excited to shoot with super talented photographer Ryan Chua. He made us realize how behind on social media we (Nylon Pink) are! He was so on top of Snapchatting, Vining, Instagramming, and Fyu-se-ing while snapping a ton of photos at the same time.

Here’s a behind the scenes photo from today, stolen from Ryan Chua’s Instagram!