Got2b was awesome enough to send me a selection of three products that I wanted to try out so I selected the following products

  • 2 sexy voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY
  • rockin’ it encore fresh DRY SHAMPOO
  • mind blowing ionic + power fast dry HAIRSPRAY

What do the products do?

The 2 sexy voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY: From got2b’s Core Essentials line, this hairspray pumps up hair from root to tip delivering sexy volume with full hold. I loved the volume that I achieved with this one of a kind hairspray, my hair has difficulty holding volume but the 2 sexy voluptuous really does the trick!

The rockin’ it encore fresh DRY SHAMPOO: Also from the Core Essential’s line, this dry shampoo adds an instant style refresh without wetting hair. I’m so glad that I have this dry shampoo in my life! I don’t wash my hair daily because I want to maintain my bleached blonde hair color and this dry shampoo helps refresh my hair to give it more body and bounce and get rid of some of that oiliness.

The mind blowing ionic + power fast dry HAIRSPRAY: From the Mindblowing line, this hairspray adds an extra dry finish, flexible hold that leaves hair frizz free and shiny. Yes! This hairspray sprays powerfully out of the can and gives me a nice, soft, touchable hold.