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Violet Iodine

Violet Iodine


I am vehemently anti period. A period might be physically natural but I believe that it is ancient and archaic to have to bleed once a month. We already have drones that are capable of delivering packages to our door and soon we will have robots at our beck and call. Can’t they invent something that completely eliminates the need for a period in women’s lives?

I shouldn’t complain though. My periods have been an incredible nuisance to me but I have met women who have experienced debilitating pain or pulsating cramps that render them unable to function at all in their daily lives. I do however, experience the full force of the mood swing. I don’t know that much about how the mood swings work. Are they only PMS? i.e.: Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, therefore just happening prior to the start of the actual period? I swear that I experience moodiness before, after and during the period. This means that I experience these negative emotions for almost an entire week a month, 25% of my life! This is in addition to the bloating and the tenderness and aches in my breasts that I experience during this time.

I was excited when I was shortlisted to try out Violet Iodine. Not only does it have a super cute name, but it helps out with some of that breast tenderness! Violet iodine is a molecular iodine supplement that, when taken daily, alleviates the most common symptoms of premenstrual breast discomfort, including swelling, tenderness, aches and heaviness and it promotes optimal breast health. Visit for more information.

I’m excited that breast tenderness during my period can be solved by just taking this one pill daily, giving me the relief and reassurance that I’m proactively taking care of my breasts -two of my most favorite body parts!

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