How to get Kim Kardashian’s Booty!

Its been decided. My bff and I will be heading to Columbia next year to get butt implants. Apparently butt implants there are are de rigueur . All this time I thought those sexy Brazilian models naturally had perfect booties?? — forgetting that Brazil (and Columbia too?) is the plastic surgery capital of the world.

Asians just aren’t blessed with booty. Exhibit A, Hyun-A – who I absolutely adore – shaking her non-existent Asian booty


Compared to JLO and Iggy Izalea’s BOOTY video:



Props to J-LO for her amazing ass.  I believe that it’s all natural and its her ass that started this huge booty trend. As for Iggy Azalea as an artist, I do like her as an artist, however I think that it’s unconscionable for her to lie about her booty being real when it is obviously fake – giving normal girls an impossible ideal to look up to. Just tell the truth!! There’s nothing wrong with having a fake booty. No amount of squats is going to make your behind grow one thousand percent and not only grow bigger but wider.

iggy2 iggy-azalea-butt-shots-before-after-plastic-surgery


Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian also deny butt implants of any kind





It’s just frustrating because just a generation or two ago, big butts were not a particularly desirable thing but now because of the rise of entertainers such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea huge oversized butts are a requirement! With all our entertainers getting ridiculously large butt implants and then lying about it where do the girls go with this impossible to attain ideal?T here’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery, why not just come clean? I’ve had breast implants – why is there so much shame and lying about plastic surgery?

I myself just have a litty bitty asian butt — I’ve been trying squats – but I really don’t think its doing that much!


So I’ve been researching butt implants

Before and after butt photos, wow!

Screenshot 2014-11-25 18.18.05

Photo Credit: Dr. Ryan Stanton

Basically I have two major options to try to achieve this look. Butt implants vs Brazilian Butt Lift (fat injections). It seems that the Brazilian Butt Lift is ideal since you have to use your own fat and would get liposuction at the same time. However I’m pretty thin so butt implants are probably the more realistic option.

Average cost of butt implants in the US: $8,050, South America: $4000, Thailand: $4700

Brazilian Butt Lift: Average Price: $6,675, South America: $3000 in South America, Thailand: $1700 ??? Why so cheap!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Oh well, I’m easily brainwashed…….I want a big fake booty too!!

Do you have butt implants or injections? Would love to hear about your experience!

Guys what do you think of fake booty’s?