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Touring Nylon Pink for many years, Square Cash was the credit card processor that we used for all our transactions when selling t-shirts and cds! It was always incredibly convenient, we would just hook up our ipad and pop in our little square credit card reader and we were ready to go into business! Square helped us to earn thousands of dollars selling merch which would’ve been lost if we didn’t have Square and were only able to accept cash.

Square Cash is also great for paying back family and friends. It’s super easy, you just download the app!

I love entertaining by cooking dinner with my friends but it can be super expensive. I bought this Prime Rib for 10 people at the local butcher and it cost a pretty penny! Luckily one of my girlfriends was able to pitch in for the costs and she paid me back instantly using Square Cash!

I absolutely hate cash, I wish that cash would get discontinued, it’s so inconvenient. Square Cash completely eliminates the need to carry cash when hanging out with friends, it makes it super easy to split a bill.

I’m always eating out with my friends. Square Cash makes it so easy to split the bill….instantly! Just open the app and pop your friends name in and send the money over instantly.

I am a travel and lifestyle blogger and I am always looking for the best deals on plane tickets. When an incredible deal comes on the market, you need to snap it up instantly before it's sold out.

My recently scored an incredible deal to Cuba. I was at an event and asked her when my friend told me about the deal and I asked if she could purchase a ticket for me because I was stuck in a meeting. Later on, I paid her back easily with Square Cash!

There are so many scenarios where I need Square Cash in my life! I am currently obsessed with Korean beauty products. I absolutely subscription boxes that send me a selection of beauty products every month, but sometimes you receive items that you don't need. I can easily sell the products to my skin-obsessed friends who can pay me back instantly on Square Cash.

How did we survive before smart phones? Life is so convenient now. Next up, start a petition to get rid of CASH period!

Download HERE to try it out for yourself!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.