Hole in the Wall – Subscription Box

I want to try all the subscription boxes in the world, especially the food ones! I tried the Hole in the Wall Box, each box brings you the best of treats from a city, and I got to try the Seattle Box! They were kind enough to send me a box for review. I’ve been to Seattle several times before in my Import Modeling days but I never had time to taste the local fare as much as I would’ve liked.

Here’s what Hole in the Wall Box has to say about Seattle: Seattle is a city of many neighborhoods: Eclectic, urban, outdoorsy, artsy, gritty, down-to-earth, or posh—it’s all here, from the quirky character of the Seattle Waterfront and the eccentric “Republic of Fremont,” to hipsters walking baby carriages past aging mansions on Capitol Hill. There’s something for just about everyone within this vibrant Emerald City. Taking a stroll, browsing a bookstore, or enjoying a cup of coffee can feel different in every one of Seattle’s neighborhoods. It’s the adventure of exploring that will really introduce you to the character of Seattle.

Here’s whats inside the box!

Source: http://www.baconismagic.ca/
Source: http://www.baconismagic.ca/

Delicious Milk Chocolate from Savor Washington

Hole in the Wall Box - Chocolate


 Holmquist Hazelnuts

Holmquist Hazelnuts is a family run orchard, these hazelnuts are covered in a coating of orange and golden honey!

Hole in the Wall Box - Hazelnuts

The Fayfarm Healing Hemp Lotion

Free of any harmful chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and alcohol, The Fayfarm Healing Hemp Lotion feels gentle on the skin and soaks in quickly. It feels like mousse!

Hole in the Wall Box - Hemp Lotion

Herbal Lip Balm Vanilla Lemon from Moon Valley Organics

This silky, rich Herbal Lip Balm from Moon Valley Organics uses cold pressed oils and organic Beeswax to naturally seal in moisture.  A hint of natural vanilla and lemon essential oil gives it a luscious smoochable taste.

Hole in the Wall Box - Lip Balm

Chukar Cherries -Pinot Noir Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries is always a win! These are dried Bing cherries from Chukar Cherries surrounded by dark chocolate and the rich essence of pinot noir wine.

Hole in the Wall Box - Pinot Noir Cherries

Herbn Farm – Seattle Salt

A touch of sage and lavender makes this salt from Herbn Farm unique. Try this finishing salt on just about anything. Steak, baked potato, grilled asparagus, eggs…the list goes on.Contains: lavender, sage, thyme, kosher salt and garlic

Hole in the Wall Box - Seattle Box

Tiny’s Organic – Bosc Pears

Hole in the Wall Box - Bosc Pears