Nylon Pink in Macau

This is a throwback post back to the Nylon Pink Hard Rock Asia Tour. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and also one of the most challenging. This had already started off to big one of Nylon Pink’s biggest years. We had released several of our first KPOP covers which received a huge response, completed our first, even more challenging tour in the Midwest and were now headed to play in Asia for the first time! It was super scary and it was super exciting. Some of the bandmates had never been out of the country before and most had never been to Malaysia or China.

So to get to Macau, you fly into Hong Kong and take a ferry into Macau. We landed in Hong Kong at 5am! and had to wait until 10am to take the ferry to Macau so it was a pretty rough layover. Somehow at this point Karen aka DJ Shy (who is filling in as keyboards) somehow makes it by herself past customs and grabs all our luggage and is completely separated from the rest of us who are still inside the airport! What’s incredible is that she somehow takes all of our luggage (7 people!) and finds her way to the hotel. I would never have been able to accomplish that on my own!

Upon finally arriving in Macau, the very hospitable Urs walks us through customs (wow Macau customs is AWESOME!) and then invites us into his very sick red stretch limo.


In Macau we stayed in two separate artist apartments for the ten day duration. This is the view from our room….



We are so happy to be in Macau! Macau was magical, I still have such nostalgic memories of that place! I stayed with Kiki and Jamie in an apartment and we had our daily routine. In the mornings we would go to the local cafe and grab coffee and pastries and just soak in the culture.


I had a couple favorite lunch spots, once was a nearby grocery store where I could choose three amazing, local items and rice for a quick lunch. Kiki and I’s #1 undisputed favorite place to eat was the Duckling! I have no idea what they do to their duck there but their duck is on steroids! I’m sure you’ve had the experience of ordering duck and there just not being enough meat for your satisfaction. This duck was amazing fatty and meaty, I’ve never experienced such duck since! Anyhow, Kiki and I would frequently polish off a duck all by ourselves, it was so cheap! Check out a review here

The Duckling Gourmet

Taking a dip in the pool


We had tons of fun Backstage! It was definitely no vacay though! We had to perform for five nights a week and it was rough. These were no regular performances. These were four 50 minute sets a night, about three and a half hours of stage time a night. It was insane and terrifying and exhausting and a great boot camp.



Hard Rock Macau Nylon PInk

Performances weren’t easy! As I mentioned before, the sets were insanely long and the guests at the cafe on some nights were just there to eat. We had to literally fight to win them over.



Hard Rock Macau Nylon PInk

We also made a lot of new friends in Macau!





Katt came home with a boyfriend 🙂 Do no photo exist of Katt and Travis? WTH? I remember the first night that Katt and Travis met, he was sitting near the front row of one of our shows and had his eyes glued to Katt. After we got off stage, he headed straight for her and they were inseparable for the rest of the trip!

Without a doubt traveling with my girls in Nylon Pink is what I miss the most!

We were so sad to leave Macau but super excited because we were headed to Penang, Malaysia! See more photos at: Nylon Pink in Penang, Malaysia