Yay! It’s Thanksgiving, one of my favorite times of the year. I love that it’s a holiday so centered around food! I always look forward to the dinner, we serve all the traditional Thanksgiving fixings, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, but we also have our Chinese dishes of rice, my mom’s famous shark fin and cabbage soup, and Chinese Broccoli doused in oyster sauce. The mixing of flavors and spices makes for a truly delicious meal and sumptuous meal.

I watched Saints and Strangers over the holiday weekend, the real story of the first Thanksgiving. I recommend it, we all know the basic story of the pilgrims and Indians but the mini-series really delves into the nitty gritty of the nuances of relationships between the different tribes of Indians and the difficulty of foreign cultures attempting or even being forced to assimilate. The first Thanksgiving meal reminds me a lot of my family’s thanksgiving, where the new settlers from England mixed their favorite celebratory dishes with the local delicacies of the Indian tribe.

saints and strangers

What saddened me at the end of the miniseries was the history fact was posted which stated that the son of the Pilgrim governor who forged the alliance with the Indian tribe leader, eventually beheaded the son of that same Indian tribe leader. It seems that the next generation of settlers forgot to feel gratitude towards that same tribe whose fathers showed them such great kindness just one generation ago. All this talk new settlers, Pilgrims and Thanksgiving reminds me of the heated debates currently swirling about the Syrian refugees and Mexican immigration etc. We were all once immigrants, and we depended on the kindness of the local Indian tribes to welcome us to the shores of what is now The United States of America. As descendants of immigrants how can we not allow other immigrants to settle in the US? Anyhow I digress…..

The idea of gratitude was an idea that only appeared in my life in the last five or so years and it has changed my life. I didn’t grow up learning about gratitude, in fact I was a little bit spoiled. I was the same as most, easily caught up with the petty issues of life and why things weren’t working, and coveting what others’ had and not appreciating all the amazing gifts that already existed in my life.

Today I am grateful for my Kitty who I rescued who is the light of my life, I have only to look at her to be filled with joy. For The Director, who deals with my messiness and absentminded ways and who is always there for me. My family, filled with unconditional love for me – even if I wasn’t a perfect daughter like the rest of the children!

Everyone has something to be grateful for, you can even take a look at the silly stuff. I am grateful for cell phones, how did we exist before them? I am damn grateful for the WAZE app, I still remember how annoying it was to have to print out Mapquest directions and if they were wrong, than it would take you forever to find the right location or you might not find it at all! I am grateful for Avocados, they are damn delicious and I am really enjoying avocado toast now!

What are you grateful for?