Soviet – Ghosts Album Cover Shoot

I co-produced the album cover shoot for Soviet for the new album Ghosts with Creative Director Justin Harder and am excited to announce that the album has recently released! Make sure to pick up your own copy, its all kinds of synth-pop electronica throwback goodness

The idea is born, Justin Harder’s sketches

Justin Harder Sketches


We shot at VT Pro Design Studio


The set was built the day before the shoot

Ghosts Soviet Justin Harder

Fog machine test

Ghosts Soviet Justin Harder Ghosts Soviet Justin Harder


Unreleased photos: Models participating in shoot: Yuki Ito, Cinzia Roccaforte, E-maginne GrantVivian Nguyen, Lauren Dani

Soviet Ghosts Album Cover Shoot



Yuki Ito Ghosts Soviet

Soviet Ghosts Album

Creative Director: Justin Harder
Produced by: Keith Ruggiero and Kaila Yu
Photographer: Scott Windus
Camera Assistant: Chaz Windus
VT Production Manager: Michael Fullman
Art Department: Eric Tabor and Tyler Turner
Models: Yuki Ito, Cinzia Roccaforte, E-maginne Grant, Vivian Nguyen, Lauren Dani, Jennifer Renoni
Makeup: Chrishauna DiShel